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Someone who is ungreatful

EX: only an ingrate would accept a gift while insulting at the same time
Ingrate (Noun)
To perform official duties, as in a ceremony; to lead a group

EX: the priest is an officiate
Officiate (Verb)
a supporting stand for books or notes for a speaker

EX: The priest was using the lectern for his notes
Lectern (noun)
To conduct a public opinion poll; to ask for support

EX: My goal is to canvass the nation about women's rights
Canvass (Verb)
A group united by a common activity

EX: Arif and a cohort of his friends agreed to protested on his rights.
Cohort (Verb)
A group or cooperative organization

EX: a collective decided that everyone will take a part in the building of the park.
Collective (Noun)
A meeting conducted in Private

EX: My family's elders got togethre in a conclave to discuss my wedding
Conclave (Noun)