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the provision of resources by teh federal government in support of the state or local program of governmental services to the public
federal aid
federal grants to state and local governments for broadly defined purposes
block grants
an electoral process that permits citizens to reject or approve by ballot a measure already passed by a city council or state legislature
federal policy requiring employment practices which increase employment opportunities for groups typically disadvantaged
affirmative action
laws based on the concept that public business should be conducted so the public's right to know is protected, and that open meetings should be allowed
sunshine laws
representing or supported by the two main political parties
an open hearing in which an agency presents its requests and responds to recommendations and questions by budget staff members
budget hearing
a meeting of members or leaders of a political party the purpose of which is to make plans, choose candidates, or decide how to vote
the relationship between executie, legislative, and judicial branches of the government
checks and balances
the philosophy advocating equal treatment for all persona, regardless of sex, race, or nationality
equal rights
the deliberate attempt to hinder the passage of legislation by long speeches or other means of delay
the use of governmental financial powers to influence the nation's economy
fiscal policy
the ordinary citizens of a region or state
grass roots
the person currently holding an office
an organized group representing a particular point of view who trys to influence policy decisions
interest group
attempts by interest groups to obtain or discourage government actions to the benefit of group members
the sector of the company comprising governmental operations only
public sector
the guarantee that the right of a citizen will be defended regardless of his or her race, color, or sex
civil rightsq
the persons having the franchise, i.e., the right to vote elections
the disadvantage position of members of a race, sex, or ethnic class resulting from the application of other than normal means of selection in hiring, promotion, or other personnel procedures
adverse impact