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inclined to rob/pray on others
predatory (adj)

predator (n)

to put an end to
to alloy or quiet
quell (v)

queller (n)
developed earlier than usual, especially mentally
precocious (adj)
one of the common people
plebeian (n)

plebeianly (adv)
taking another's thoughts or words and using them as one's own.
plagiarism (n)

plagiaristic (adj)
plagiarize (v)
unusual skill or ability; heroism in battle
prowess (n)

prow (adj)
eager and ready to fight
pugnacious (adj)

pugnaciously (adv)
pugnacity (n)
extremely idealistic; not practical
quixotic (adj)

quixote (n)
purloin (v)

purloiner (n)
intense, furious or raging mood
rabid (adj)

rabidity or rabidness (n)
rabidly (adv)
good-humored ridicule
raillery (n)

no other forms
to cause another's pride to be wounded
pique (v)
cowardly, fearful
pusillanimous (adj)

pusilanimity (n)
A person skilled at telling stories or anecdotes.
raconteur (n)