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I am an expansion slot or "bus" on the motherboard that provides a home for card that could be described as an accelerated output manipulator and provide visual stimulation for the end user or customer.
AGP Port
Faster than an ISA, yet still lagging behind the AGP, at lease I come in 3rd or 4th for overall speed in the entire system.
PCI clot
I am the main startup file for MS-DOS. They changed my name in Windows, but I still do the same thing. Without me, the Operating System will not load.
A cold boot is carried out by pressing what?
the on/off switch and holding it 4 seconds.
I come on a stick and my name is made up of initials. I come in a variety of sizes and kinds, all with the funniest sounding nicknames.
Without me, nothing starts up on the computer. I mean before the hard drive spins up, before the RAM is checked, and even before the fan whirs up. What a "power trip"
Power Good Signal
I'm the only one of my kind on the board. I like to dress up in shiny stickers and sometimes I'll even put on my hologram. I'm a VIP in the PC world, and people are constantly asking me my age. I usually just tell them to check my sticker.
a warm boot is carried out by pressing what?
ctrl and alt and delete
I am the on=board memory to help out the CPU exclusively. I have only one purpose, one job, and I do it very well.
L2 cache
Without me, the CPU or "brains" of the computer would burn up. Doesn't sound so smart to me!
Heatsink and fan
I am the system or routine that is stored in ROM-BIOS and I execute my program when the computer is turned on.
I'm feelin pretty old and useless these days cause not many people use me anymore. In fact, I heard the "makers" are even putting out products without me now. *sniff*
ISA Slot
As far as power goes, I'm the bomb! Because I use the most amount of Wattage? No, exactly the opposite. I use the least amount of power. What current am I?
I am a type of measurement that can be determined by a multi-meter. I use the Omega symbol to represent me:
The "brains" of a p.c., it won't start without it.
Windows Operating System 98 did away with the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. They replaced these with what 2 files:
win.ini and sys.ini