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Deficiency of that causes the defect Spina Bifida.
The Thiamin deficiency disease - characterized by the loss of sensation in the hands and feet, muscular weakness, advancing paralysis, and abnormal heart action.
Important to Coagulation and if found in prosiferous vegetables - green leafy vegetables, cabbage family and liver.
Vitamin K
Beta Carotine and maintains healthy eye.
Vitamin A
Vitamins B and C.
Water Soluble Vitamins
Aids in sperm development and fetal growth.
Vitamin A
Thiamin, found in pork, ham, bacon, liver and supports the nervous sytem.
Compound that protects other compounds from oxygen by itself reacting with oxygen.
Niacin deficiency disease. Symptons include the diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, and death.
Deficiency in Vitamin A
Aids bone formation, calcium, and phosphorus. Deficiency causes Rickets, Osteoporosis, and Osteomalicia.
To much can cause kidney stones and calcium deposits.
Vitamin D
The addition to a food of nutrients that were either not there originally present or present in significant amounts.
Niacin - comes from protein. and supports skin, nervous and digestive systems. Large doses cause red-flush appearance.
Primary function is making red blood cells. Found in shellfish and can become toxic. Mostly in potatoes and fruit.
Retinol, Retinal, and retinoic
3 Components of Vitam A
Vitamins ADEK and are stored in the adipose tissue.
Fat Soluble Vitamins
Deeply pigmentd fruits and vegtables.
Vitamin A Food Source
Highly reactive chemical form that can cause destuctive changes in nearby compounds, sometimes setting up a chain reactio.
Free Radical
The addition of certain nutrients to a food to meet a specified standard.
Used for Stress, anioxidant, and metabolizes amino acids and iron.
Vitamin C
B vitamin that is active and cell division and deficiency of will cause anemia. Closely related to B12. Found in green leafy vegetables, liver, and legumes. - Intrinsic Factor lining the stomach that prevents pernicious anemia.
Reversable dimentia.
A small molecule that works with an enzyme to promote the enzyme's activity. Many coenzymes have B vitamins as part of their structure.
Roboflavin - primarily from milk and supports skin and nervous system. Milk must be contained in an opaque container to retain it.
Poorly understood, antioxidant and used for intermittent claudification and dimentia. Widespread in Foods and non-toxic.
Vitamin E