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Collections have four methods what are they?
1) Add
2) Count
3) Item
4) Remove
What are the possible instancing properties for active x.
When using variables of these types, you may need to take different actions based on the class of an object for example, some objects may not support a particular property or method. Visual Basic provides two ways to do this: what are they?
TypeOf keyword
typeName function
With collections you can return a value how?
With the item method either by index or key.
They contain bitmaps, text strings, and other data that you can change without having to re-edit your code. For example, if you plan to localize your application in a foreign language, you can keep all of the user-interface text strings and bitmaps in a here, which you can then localize instead of the entire application.
Recource Files
Why are ActiveX EXEs sometimes useful?
Because they can run on a different computer than the main program while an ActiveX DLL must run on the same computer as the main program
The TypeOf keyword can only be used where?
If ... Then ... Else statements. You must include the class name directly in your code. For example, If TypeOf MyControl Is CheckBox Then.
What is the purpose of a Property Let procedure?
It is used to allow users to assign a new value to the property.
Descriptions of classes are stored in type libraries, and can be viewed with what?
object browser
Visual Basic provides two mechanisms for enhancing components without affecting compiled applications what are they?
version compatibility for interfaces, and multiple interface
What does the TypeName function return?
It returns the class name as a string.
What are the instancing properties that can only be used for and ActiveX EXE?
The ActiveX rule you must follow to ensure compatibility with multiple interfaces is what?
Once an interface is in use, it can never be changed.
A ____ is a way of grouping a set of related items.
An application or component that uses objects provided by another component is called a __?
A client.
Collections have 4 methods. What are they?
What is instancing when refering to Active X?
It determines how the object can be created.
What are the possible values of and instancing property for a activeX componet?
Components are characterized by what?
Their location relative to clients.
Class modules have two built-in events what are they?
Initialize and Terminate.
In active x if you set the instancing property to SingleUse what does this mean?
The main program can create the object. Every time you create a new object, the system makes a new ActiveX EXE instance to service the object you created. Among other things, if the EXE contains global variables then different objects you create get different copies of the variables. This option is allowed for ActiveX EXEs only.
A Collection object stores each item in a ___?
An out-of-process component is what?
An .exe file that runs in its own process, with its own thread of execution. Communication between a client and an out-of-process component is therefore called cross-process or out-of-process communication.
A collection is either __ or ___, depending on what its starting index is.
Where does a in-process component run?
It runs in the same process as the client.
What are circular references?
It occurs when two objects hold references to each other or when an object holds a reference to itself.
In active x if you set the instancing property to MultiUse what does this mean?
The main program can create the object. When it does, the system makes an ActiveX DLL/EXE component to handle the object. If you make other objects, the system uses the same ActiveX DLL/EXE component to handle them. This can be a little confusing depending on whether you are building a DLL or EXE and whether an EXE is running on different computers.
In active x if you set the instancing property to private what does this mean?
Code outside the DLL/EXE cannot create this object type. Other classes in the DLL/EXE can use this type of class as a helper but the main program cannot use it
In active x if you set the instancing property to GlobalSingleUse what does this mean?
Similar to SingleUse except you can invoke the properties and methods of the class as if they were simple global functions. This option is allowed for ActiveX EXEs only.
In active x if you set the instancing property to In active x if you set the instancing property to PublicNotCreatable what does this mean?
The main program can use this type of class but cannot create new instances using the New keyword or with CreateObject. In this case, you need to provide some method within the other classes to create the new object and return it to the main program.
How are ActiveX DLL's and Active X EXE simular.
They are almost exactly the same in the ways they are built and used. In both cases, you build one or more classes that applications can use to do something.
An ActiveX EXE's code is run where?
It is run in a separate process.
An ActiveX DLL's code is executed where?
Within the main program's address space.