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What are the major characteristics of poxvirus
group I, centrifugal rash, large, brick-shaped virus
When was the last natural case of smallpox in the US?
When was the last natural case of smallpox in the world?
What is Molluscum contagiosum?
skin infxn, small, pearl-shaped lesions, prevalent with AIDs infxn, can cause secondary bacterial infxn
How was smallpox spread to the new world?
explorers and traders from Europe
What are the chief symptoms of small pox
fever, backache, pustules in centrifugal rash
What is monkey pox? How is it spread? How did it get to the US?
virus related to small pox, spread crossed species barrier because of lack of small pox vaccination and immunity, outbreak caused by exotic pet swap meet prairie dogs, etc.
What is variolation?
taking dried small pox scabs and scratching other person and inserting scabs onto wound
What is myxoma virus and wsa it successful?
It was a virus similar to smallpox which causes smallpox in rabbits. Modified to create infertility. worked
When was routine vaccination against smallpox halted in the US?
How was the vaccinia vaccine made?
By growing the vaccinia virus in calves or other animals and harvesting the seed lymph
Is the vaccinia a live vaccine? Is it safe by today's standards?
Yes, it is a live vaccine and it is not necessarily safe by today's standards because it can cause smallpox in immunocompromised individuals and can cause complications with some individuals with skin infxns
Is there a concern that the US pop is susceptible to smallpox?
Yes, because much of the population has not been vaccinated
What drug is being tested for post exposure to monkey pox or small pox?