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look forward
look forward to + gerund
1. We look forward to hearing from you.
2. I look forward to meeting you.
be married
be married to
1. George is married to Barbara.
2. Pamela was married to Tommy.
decide on
depend on
Going to Canada on vacation depends on getting a raise in pay.
think about
work at (a location or type of company)
1. She works at the stadium. (This could mean that she works at that location but may not be paid by the stadium.)
2. He works at a hospital.
hope for
1. Although the weather was terrible, we hope for the best
2. Hope for the future is good for the heart.
afraid of
work for (+ company name, or person's name or type of place)
He works for IBM.
She works for the mayor.
They work for a bank.
be engaged
be engaged to
1. Dina is engaged to Kyle.
2. They are engaged to each other.
believe in
1. They believe in God.
2. The mother believed in her son.
3. The defendant believes in the judicial system.
(often believe is not connected to a preposition.)
complain about
1. The hotel guests complained about the noise.
2. The couple complained about the poor service.
be guilty
be guilty of
1. He was guilty of stealing.
2. She is guilty of speeding.
be fond
be fond of
1. Rick is fond of hiking.
2. Denise is fond of reading.
3. They are fond of each other.
apologize for
I apologize for being rude to you this morning.