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alejarse de
to move away from
apartarse de
to move away from
apoderarse de
to take possession of
darse cuenta de
to realize
tratar de
to deal with
tratarse de
to be a question of
aburrirse de
to get bored with
acordarse de
to remember
cambiar de
to change
carecer de
to lack
cuidar de
to take care of / to look after
depender de
to depend on
desconfiar de
to distruct
enamorarse de
to fall in love with
enfadarse de
to get annoyed at
entender de
to inform about
enterar de
to inform about
enterarse de
to find out about
equivocarse de
to be wrong about
felicitar de
to congratulate on
gozar de
to enjoy
llenar de
to fill with
olvidarse de
to forget
persuadir de
to persuade of
preocuparse de
to worry about
prescindir de
to do without
reírse de
to laugh at
servir de
to serve as
to be used for
aprovecharse de
to take advantage of
arrepentirse de
to regret / to repent of
avergonzarse de
to be ashamed of
burlarse de
to make fun of
cansarse de
to get tired of
despedirse de
to say goodbye to
to take one's leave of
disfrutar de
to enjoy
fiarse de
to trust in
ocuparse de
to attend to
pensar de
to think about (have an opinion)
quejarse de
to complain about
servirse de
to make use of