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St. Valentine was a ________.
St. Valentine became friends with ________ while in jail.
the jailor's daughter
A legend is made up of ________ and ________.
fiction, non-fiction
We remember St. Valentine on ________ the _______.
February, fourteenth
Legend says, that when St. Valentine was burried a ________ beside his grave bloomed.
pink almond tree
Emperor Claudius had St. Valentine thrown into ________ and later ________.
jail, killed or beheaded
St. Valentine prayed for the jailor's daughter because she was ________.
Today, people send each other ________ on Valentine's Day.
valentine cards or flowers or chocolates
________ punished St. Valentine for helping young couples to get married.
Emperor Claudius
Valentine's Day is a celebration of ________ and ________.
love, friendship
St. Valentine helped young people to ________.
get married
While in prison, young people would bring St. Valentine ________ and ________.
letters and flowers
After St. Valentine prayed for the jailor's daughter her sight ________.