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Who was the 1st woman Marine?
Opha M Johnson, Aug 13, 1918
Who was the 1st Marine helo pilot to receive the Medal of Honor?
Maj Stephen Pless
Who was the 1st Marine pilot to shoot down an enemy plane?
1st Lt E.S.Brewer
Who was the 1st female Marine Warrant Officer?
CWO Ruth L Wood
Who was the 1st Marine Officer to die in battle?
Capt John Fitzpatrick
Which Marine served the longest term as Commandant?
Archibald Henderson
How long did Archibald Henderson serve as Commandant?
38 years
Which Commandant installed the office of Sgt Maj of MC?
Gen Plate, 21st Commandant (1957)
On Feb 20th, 1962, one of the Marine Corps' finest pilots manned the 1st capsule to orbit the Earth. Who was it?
Lt Col John H Glenn
When was the Dress Blue uniform adopted?
Aug 24, 1797
Who adopted the Dress Blue uniform?
Sec of War James McHenry
Who was presented the Mameluke sword?
Lt Presley N O'Bannon
Who presented the Mameluke sword TO Lt Presley O'Bannon?
The Pasha of Tripoli
How many Marines were killed on Iwo Jima?
Approx 5,931 Marines
How many Marines were killed on the 1st day at Iwo Jima?
2,500 Marines
Of the 6 Americans pictured raising the flag over Mt Suribachi, how many left the island alive?
How many Marines suffered casualties at Iwo Jima?
26,000 Marines