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By an act of the Continental congress, the USMC became a regular branch of our country's service when?
Nov 10th, 1775
Who established the USMC?
Capt. Samuel Nicholas
Where was the USMC established?
Tun Tavern, PA
Who was the proprietor of the tavern?
Peg Mullen, Robert Mullen's wife
Who was the 1st Marine Corps recruiter?
Robert Mullen
When was the Marine Corps, as it exists today, formed?
July 11th, 1798
What is the symbol of the USMC?
The Eagle, Globe & Anchor
What does the Eagle, Globe and Anchor each symbolize?
Eagle: our nation
Globe: Worldwide service
Anchor: Naval traditions
When was the EGA adopted?
Who adopted the EGA?
Brig. Gen. Jacob Zeilin, 7th commandant
Where does the term "Leatherneck" come from?
From 1798-1880, Marines wore a leather strap to protect their neck from enemy swords.
What is the Marine Corps motto?
"Semper Fidelis"
What was the Marine Corps motto before "Semper Fidelis?"
"By Land, By Sea"
When was the Marine Corps motto changed to "Semper Fidelis?"
Where does the term "Devil Dog" come from?
In WWI, the Battle of Belleau Wood in June 1918. The Germans refurred to the marines as "Teufelhunden"-the fierce fighting dogs of legendary history.
Who was the 1st Marine Corps aviator?
A.A. Cunningham, in 1912