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common values and traditions of a society, such as language, government and family relationships
Columbian Exchange
transfer of plants, animals and diseases between the Americas and Europe, Asia and Africa
joint-stock companies
businesses formed by a group of people who jointly make an investment and share in the profits and losses
settlement created by new residents of an area
sole economic control of a business or product
Middle Ages
Period of European history from the late 400's until around 1350
movement of people from one region to another
to change beliefs
Silk Road
overland trade route that linked China with other Asian markets as far west as the Black Sea
narrow, winding sea passage
groups of people who live together and share a culture
rebirth of interest in the arts and learning that spread across Europe in the mid 1300's and lasted until the 1600's
series of five wars launched by European Christians to gain possession of the Holy Land
money or property that is used to earn more money
study of the remains of the unwritten past
system of government that arose during the Middle Ages in which people gave their loyalty to a lord in exchange for protection
Magna Carta
"Great Charter"; agreed to by King John of England, it gave the nobility and other individuals greater rights and made it clear that the nobility and monarchs must obey the law
Black Death
epidemic that spread through Europe from 1348 to about 1350 that killed as many as 75 million people
Commercial Revolution
period of economic development that took place in Europe in the 1400's and greatly changed the way merchants conducted business
process of breeding plants and animals for use by humans
Northwest Passage
nonexistent path through North America that early explorers searched for, hoping that it would allow ships to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific