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Why is chain often used as a chaffing pendant?
Chain is often selected as a chafing pendant or bridle because of its abrasion resistance.
and survivability.
Why has wire rope replaced natural fiber lines for towing hawsers?
Because of its superior
abrasion resistance and strength-to-weight and strength-to-size ratios.
For wire rope in new condition, used in conjunction with an automatic towing machine, what is the minimum safety factor appropriate for routine ocean tows in good weather?
A minimum safety factor of 3
When is nylon weaker? When it is wet or dry?
Nylon is weaker when wet than when dry.(Breaking strength for wet nylon line is about 15 percent less than for dry line)
True or False?
A secondary tow system is rigged to tow from either the bow or stern.
What is the secondary towline for ?
The secondary towline is intended for emergency, short-term use if the main towline fails.
Where are the towline attachment points on US NAvy tugs?
Towline attachment points on U.S. Navy tugs are the towing machine or traction winch.
Bitts on navy ship are designed to withstand a load equal to...?
3 times the breaking stregnth of the line they are desinde to hold
What is the most frequent means of attaching a towline to the towed vessel?
The most frequent means of attaching a towline to the towed vessel is by means of a padeye.
What are the three types of padeyes found in towing?
1- Horizontal padeye
2- Vertical free-standing padeye
3- Towing bracket
How much breaking strenth of a chain is a chain stopper designed to bear?
Chain stoppers are designed to
bear only 60% of the breaking
strength of the chain.
What are fairleads used for?
Fairleads are used to lead lines around obstructions and align them properly with winches or capstans.
Can the recommended Safe Working Load found on a shackle be used for towing?
No, you must use proof loads.
True or False?
Screw pin shackles can be used for connections in towing rigs.
False. Screw-pin shackles, other than the special forged shackles for stoppers,
must never be used for connections in towing rigs.
When or where would you use cotter keys for shackles or other towing jewlery?
Never, cotter keys are not used in towing. Replace cotter keys with locking bolts with two jam nuts.
What are the Three types of wire rope terminations normally used in Navy towing applications?
Swaged, spliced, and socketed
A properly made swaged eye develops what percentage of the strength of the wire?
85 percent
What is the advantage of using a bridle when towing?
The stabilizing effect produced by pulling from both legs of the bridle.
Why is chain the preferred
material for bridles in deep ocean towing?
Chain’s weight deepens the catenary, and has superior resistance to chafing.