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This is the only crime mentioned in the constitution
No test of a person's ___can be required to hold an office in the govt
The Eighth Amendment may make it necessary to make improvements to ___.
___ Adams was a leader in forming the Sons of Liberty.
The British surrendered at this city, ended the revolution
Warned nation about close relationship between the military and arms industry
The Anti-Federalists ___ the Constitution
Tells why the Constitution was written
The Preamble
Rejected a plea for peace from the Second Continental Congress
King George III
This branch of govt serves for life or good behavior
One argument against the new Constitution was that it did not end this.
This Amendment gives you the right to stage a sit-in protest
1st Amendment
Occupation of most Colonial Americans
There are two ways that an Amendment can be ___, and become part of the Constitution
Colonial region known for its protests
New England
Foreign born citizens who are ___can vote if they are registered to vote.
Jay, Madison, and Hamilton were the writers of the ___Papers
Supporters of the Constitution
Name given to the Compromise over representation in the Constitution
Great Compromise
This Amendment gave states the right to establish child custody & divorce laws
10th Amendment
This Amendment gives you the right to buy a gun.
2nd Amendment
This was an agreement between the men on the Mayflower about laws
Mayflower Compact
This Amendment gives you personal freedoms to get married or to work or not
9th Amendment
This man wrote Common Sense
Thomas Paine
This took place in Boston in 1770, helped win support against Britain
Boston Massacre
The Ninteenth Amendment gave all female citizens this right
The right to vote
The Declaration of Independence reflects this man's thinking
John Locke
Main writer of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
The 26th Amendment set the voting age at this.
Committee wrote letters to gain support against Britain in the colonies
This power is part of the President's checks on Congress
The Confederation was able to organize this section of the country
A rebellion named after him caused the colonies to meet to write a stronger govt
This Continental Congress called for a halt in trading with Britain
First Continental Congress
Gives Congress the power to do things not clearly stated in the Constitution
The number of years a senator may serve
six years
The number of years a representative may serve
two years
This Amendment gives you the right to refuse to testify in your own trial
5th Amendment
This is the supreme law of the land
The Constitution
This Congress issued the Declaration of Independence and organized an army
Second Continental Congress
First fighting of the Revolution took place here
This mountain range was the boundary of colonial settlement after 1763
Appalachian mountains
This can be used to check the powers of the Judiciary and Executive branches of govt
This Amendment says you can not be forced to house troops in your home during peace
3rd Amendment
The Ninteenth Amendment gave the right to bote to _____.
Writer of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
James Madison
Leader of the Continental Army
This battle resulted in the French giving the Americans aid
Saratoga battle
The Bill of Rights is made up of the first ten ___.
River marked the nation's boundary after the American Revolution
Mississippi River
Address given during the Civil War, told why the nation was fighting
Gettysburg Address