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Start of Korean War
June 25,1950
Douglas MacArthur
UN Commander
June 27,1953
War end armistice
capital of North Korea
Communist China
ally to North Korea
August 6 1953 thru Sept6 1953
period of prisoner exchanges
Syngman Rhee
President of South Korea
United nations Command
all countries fighting under the UN flag
capital of South Korea
UN Truce Teams
negotiates to end war for UN
38th parallel
divided North and South Korea
General Matthew Ridgway
replaced MacArthur as commader of UN forces
Republic Of Korea
democratic South Korea
Democratic peoples'Republic
North Korea Conmmunism
Idea that if one Asian nation became communist it's neighbors would too
Domino Theory
policy of reacting to Soviet or Chinese aggression by using nuclear weapons
massive retaliation
competition between the US and USSR for the most powerful nuclear arsenal
arms race
policy aimed at preventing the Soviet Union from extending its influence
war fought for specific goals not for total victory over the enemy
limited war
international peace keeping organization founded after WWII
United Nations
war between democracy and communism that does not involve fighting
Cold War
action Soviets took to protest the creation of West Germany
Berlin Blockade
UN body in which all member nations have a seat
General Assembly
UN branch most responsible for keeping world peace
Security Council
George Marshall comment about conditions in Europe in 1947
the patient is sinking while the doctors deliberate
The main purpose of the GI bill was to
help soldiers make the transition bask to civilian life
Who was the Republican nominee for President in 1948?
Thomas Dewey
Who was the commander of the United Nations forces during the Korean War?
Douglas MacArthur
delivered the Checkers speech to save his place on the Republican Presidential ticket
Richard M Nixon
led Chinese Nationalist against invading Japanese then against Chinese Communist
Chiang Kai-shek
ran for President on the States' Rights Democratic party ticket
J Strom Thurmond
was the first African American to play in a major league baseball
Jackie Robinson
led Chinese Communists against invading Japanese then against Chinese nationalists
Mao Sedong
was a former State Department official accused of treason
Alger Illis
led government that was established in the American zone of Korea
Syngman Rhee