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The New Capital
Jefferson was the first to be inaugrated in the new capital. Started horrible, but turned out magnificent.
The Louisian a Purchase
France sold the territory from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains for $15 million in exchange for a treaty.
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Lewis and Clark were to explore the region west of the Mississippi River. Also, they were to see if there was a river route to the Pacific Ocean, as well as establish peaceful relations with the Indians.
banning of trade
The Non-Intercourse Act
Banned trade with only England and France.
The War Hawks
Members of congress who believed the only answer to Britain's insults was to declare war.
The War of 1812
The war that was started by Britain's insults to the U.S., and ended with a treaty that didn't solve problems, but ended the war.
Treaty of Ghent
Signed in Belgiun, Dec. 1814. Didn't solve any problems, but it ended the war for the two tired nations.
Hartford Convention
Delegates that demanded New England withdraw from the United States entirely.
Francis Scott Key
U.S. citizen that was hostage on a British ship wrote the current National Anthem.