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Student Non- Violent Coordinating Comittee
an organization formed in 1960 to coordinate sit-ins and other protests and give young blacks larger
Black Power
a slogan used by Stokely Carmichael in 1960s that encouraged African American pride and political and social leadership
Berlin Wall
seperated East Berlin and West Berlin from 1961 to 1989, built by the Communist East German government to prevent its citizens from feeing to the West.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization,
Part of the U.S. and Western Europe
Student Non- Violent Coordinating Comittee
an organization formed in 1960 to coordinate sit-ins and other protests and give young blacks a larger role in civil rights movement
Sit- In
When African American protesters sat down at segreated lunch counters and refused to leave until they were served
Malcolm X
In 1946, while in prison Malcolm joined the Nation of Islam. Later he urged African Americans to identify with Africa and to work with world organizations and progressive whites to attain equality.
Young people who changed based on the society. These type of people were memebers of the counterculture shared some of the beliefs of the New Left movement. They were marked by rock'n' roll music, outrageous clothing, sexual drug and LSD or acid. Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco is their capital.
Presidnt Nixon's strategy for ending U.S. involvement in the Vietname War, invovlving the gradually withdraw of U.S. troops and their replacement with South Vietnamese forces.
Warren Court
the Supreme Court during the period when the was chief justice, noted for its activism in the areas of civil rights and free speech.
Brown vs. Board of Education
a 1954 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that "seperate but equal" education for black and white students was unconstitutional
Camp David Accord
" Peace in the Middle East"
"I would not lie to you"
"I have here in my hand 102 names of known communists in State Department"
Fourteen points
free trade, rduce military, self determination, freedom of people, and rearage boundaries in Europe
Peace Corps
an agency established in 1961 to provide volunteer assistance to developing nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America
Iron Curtain
Winsten Churchill referred as communist area, Eastern Blockade is falling behind
Truman Doctrine
a U.S. policy, announced in 1947, of providing economic and military aid to fre nations threatened by internal or external opponets.
Eisenhower Doctrine
a U.S. commitment to defend the Middle east against attack by any communist country, announced by in 1957
Cuban Missile Ciris
when Castro had put offensive nuculear weapons in Cuba if he did relase the weapons U.S. attakcs on Soviet Union
Geneva Accords
a 1954 peace agreement which divided Vietnam into two parts North= communism and south non- communism
Tripartile pact
a pact between italy, German and Japan who signed the defense treaty
Societ Union, U.S., GB and France
Enola Gay
B-29 Bomer
U-2 incident
Between Rusia and U.S. U.S. spy plan flew over Russia and got shot down
Marshall Plan
the program which supplied economic aid to European countries and help them rebuild after WWII
Hous Un-American Activities Comittee invested communism outside WWII
"Return to normalcy"
Warren G. Harding
"The buck stops here"
"This little dog checkers"
"Read my lips, no new taxes"
Bush(the first prez)
"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"
Read Scare
Fear of communism
Mitchell Palmer Raids
General and leader of the Red Scare
Women's Right to Vote
In 1900 and the 29th Ammendment
Black Tuesday
When the stock market crash on thurssay Oct. 24, 1929
Risie of Tempernace, 18 ammendement, no sale, manufactor or trasnportation of alcohol