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Marquett and Jolliet
Explored the Great Lakes
William Pitt
One of the new leaders to run government. Began winning battle under his control
Gen. James Wolfe
Led British in a surprise attack on PLains of Abraham at Quebec
Jacque Cartier
Explored St. Lawrence River
Samuel de Champlain
Founded first permanent french settlement in America at Quebec
Salutary Neglect
When English appeared to tighten its colonial grip. When it was actually losing hold couse of lack of enforcement for the new measures as they settled into an overall colonial policy
Sieur de La Salle
Explored lower Mississippi Valley
1732, James Oglethorpe
Military Buffer
Haven for poor
Treaty of Paris
Ended French and Indian War
The Greak Awakening
Period of religious revival in the mid-1700, preachers would go from village to village stirring people to rededicate themselves to God.
Navigation Acts
Established by Parliament in 1651, they were designed to restrict or tighten control over colonial trade.
Dominion of New England
Southern Maine to New Jersey was united to make Dominion of New England.
Board of Trade
Moving smuggling trials to admirality courts
Ben. Franklin
Figure of the Englightenment ara, notion of obtaining truth through experimentation and reason.
Haven for Catholics. Act of Toleration
Sir Edmund Andras
Ruled the Dominion, North hated him
Sugar Act
Grenvill concluded that colonists were smuggling goods into the country without paying, duties prompted Parlaiment to enact this law. Halved duty on foreign made molasses and placed duties on certain imports that were never taxed before. Most important, it strengthened the enforcement of law allowing prosicutors to try smuggling cases in vice admirality court rather than in colonial court
Englands legislative body.
George Grenville
Geoge III chose financial expert to serve as prime minister. Angered colonists
Theorgy and system of political economy prevailing in Europe after decline of feudalism, based on national policies of accumilating...
Balance of Trade
Selling more than bought
Carolina 1663
Charles II created proprietary colony of South Carolina for 8 aristocrates
Stono Rebellion
Out side of Charleston in 1739 between southern planters and slaves
Proclimation of 1763
To avoid conflicts with Natives, the british government banned all settlement west of App. Mountains.
Jonathan Edwards
A clergy who tried to revive the original Puritan vision
Ottawa leader. Recognized that French loss was loss for Native Americans.
Triangular Trade
Trade in which goods were exchanged mostly between Africa, England, Europe, and the West indies.
Carolina 1729
Divided into two colonies
North- Tobacco
South- Corn, Rice, Indigo
Movement that emphasized the use of reason and scientific method to obtain knowledge
Ohio Valley
Largest prize in French and Indian War
Indentured Slaves
usually young, white men who traded a life of prison or poverty for hard labor
Middle Passage
When africans were brough from Africa to be sold as slaves
majority were small farmers