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What article number is the legislative branch?
Article number 1
How meny members of the legislative branch are in The House Of Representatives?
How meny members of the legislative branch are in The Senate?
In the legislative branch, How long are you in term of office for The house of represenatives?
2 years
In the legislative branch, How long are you in term of office for the senate?
6 years
In the legislative branch, What are the qualifacations for the house?
Min. of 25 years old
US citizen for 7 years
Live in the state
In the legeslative branch, What are the qualifacations for the senate?
Min. of 26 years old
US citizen for 7 years
Live in the state
In the legislative branch, What are the duties of the house?
Make laws
Change federal officials with impeachment
Start all revenue bills
Select president when no candidates as majority in the electoral collage
In the legislative branch, What are the duties of the senate?
Make laws
Try or decide guilt or inocence of impeached federal officials
Approve all oresidential appointment
Approve all treaties
in the legislative branch, What are the officers?
Speaker of the house
Majority Leader
Minority Leader
President of the house
President Pro tempore
What article number is the executive branch?
Article 2
How meny presidents are there?
How meny Vice - presidents are there?
How meny Cabinets are there?
How long do president and vice-president stay in office for?
4 years
How long does a cabinet stay in office?
not specific
What are the qualifacations for President and Vice-President?
Min. of 35 years old
Natural Born citizen
Live in the US for 14 years
What are the qualfacations for the cabinet?
none are listed
What are the duties of the exectuve branch?
enforce laws
chief diplomat
cheif executive
legislative leader
Cheif of state
economic cheif
political party cheif
What are the officers of the executive branch?
What is the article number for the judicial branch?
Article 3
How meny members are in the supreme court?
How long does the supreme court stay in office?
for life, maybe removed only by impeachment
What are the qulafacations for the judicial branch?
there are none
What are the duties of the judicial branch?
Main duty is to interpret laws and administrator of justice. Also, Decide if laws are constitutional.
What id the officers of the judicial branch?
Cheif Justice
Who can teh ideas for a bill/law come from?
What house is a bill first sent to?
The house of Represenatives.
What does teh house do first when they get the bill?
read aloud and asign it a number.
Who do they send it to next?
The Commitee
What does teh commitee do?
1. Investigate
2. Publis Hearing
3. Debate
What happens after the commitee gets it?
The people vote.
What happens if there is not enough votes?
The bill dies
What happens if the bill gets enough votes?
it becomes a full house if not the bill dies.
if there is a full house, where does the bill go next?
its introduced to The senate and they read the bill aloud and assign it a number and sends it off to the commitee to investigate, have a public hearing, and debate.
What happens if the bille changes?
Reps and senators work on a compromise and then a vote..
Vote= no then bill dies
Vote=yes then bill becomes a full house and is passed on to the house and senate again and votes.
What happenes if its sent for a vote?
if no the bill dies, if yes teh bill goes to full senate and is passed on to the president.
How meny days does the president have to decide what to do?
10 days.
if he decides to pass it what happens?
it becomes a lie.
What happens if he says no?
it gets vetoed then returns back to the original house and 2/3rds vote in both houses to override the veto
what happens if he doesn't deside in those 10 days?
Congress decides and a pocket veto is formed.
What if congress stays in session? then what happens?
The bill Atomatically becomes a law.
What are the first 5 amendments?
1. Freedom of religon
2. Freedom of speech
3. Freedom of press
4. Freedom of assembly
5. Freedom of pation
What is libel?
libel: When you write somthing that is not true and it ruins the persons reputation.
What is slander?
Slander: When you say somthing that is not true and ruin that persons reputation.
The second ammendment has garantees the right to do what?
Bear arms
True or False:
The second ammendment keeps prevents goverment from controlling guns.
What is the Exception to the third amendment?
A war in the united states.
What does the fourth amendment limit?
Search and Athority.
What do athorities need to search or confiscate property for evidence?
A search warrent.
The fifth ammendment says a "Special group of citizens" called a ______ must think the government has a good reason to arrest you.
The fifth ammendment also protects you from double jeopardy whats that mean?
It means that you can't be trialed for the same crime more then once.
The fifth ammendment also allows you to "claim the fifth" Whats that mean?
You do not have to talk.
The fifth ammendment isn't allowed to take your life, liberty or property with out due process wich means?
you have to go threw legal steps.
if the government takes your property, what must they do under the fifth ammendment?
gove you somthing in exchange.
the sixth ammendment protects people that are suspected of _________.
Commiting a crime.
What does the 6th amendment guarentees?
The rught to a quick trial by a fair jury.
told what crime you are suspected of commiting
Allowed to see and ask questions of those who have accused you.
Allowed to get a lawyer to help you during your trial and have the government pay for it if you can't afford to do so.
Allowed to have witnesses come to court and speak your defense.
the seventh ammendment gyarentees that all citizens can have a trial by jury in trial cases in how much money?
True or False:
According to the nonth amendemt the liberties listed in the bill of rights are our ONLY rights.
Marriage, divorce and travel are just a few of the______________________.
other rights we have,
our founding fathers thhought people got their rightd from ____, _________ or just because we were human.
God, nature
the tenth amendment:
if somthing isn't written doen in the constitution as a power belonging to the federal government or the states then the ower belongs to the _______.
Hint: think of baseball with a tie to the base going to the runner and the people are the runner.
What was one of the ammendment that were failed to pass?
How and When congress would be able to vote.
What do the stripes on our flag stand for? and how meny are there?
They stand for each colony. There are 13.
What do the stars on our flag stand for and how meny are there?
They stand for each state. There are 50.
What colors are on our flag?
Red, White and Blue.
Who is the President now?
George Bush.
Who is our Vice president?
Dick Cheney
Who was the only president ever to resign?
What teo presidents have been impeached?
Johnson and ford.
What is the salary od the president and vice-president?
President: 400,000
Vice-president: 198,600
When was the depcleration of independence signed?
July 4th 1716
Who wrote the decleration of independence?
Thomas Jefferson.
True or false:
The decleration was written in Washington D.C?
Who was the decleration authorized by?
Second continetal congess.