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What is the name of our national anthem?
Star Spangled Banner
Who discovered America and when?
Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.
Name the highest court in the United States.
supreme court
What as the Emancipation Proclomation?
A law that was written by Lincoln and was supposed to free the slaves. However the law did not pass.
Name the first successful English settlement in America.
Jamestown, Virginia
If a law is declared unconstitutional by the supreme court, what happens to the law?
it doesn't become a law.
Who is the chief executive of the United States?
President Bush
Who landed at Plymoth Rock in 1620?
the pilgrims
Who is considered the author of te declaration of independence?
Thomas Jefferson
If the president does not approve a bill sent by congress, what may the president do?
he veto's it.
What is the bill of rights?
The first ten ammendments to the constitution.
When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
July, 4, 1776
Which term means "the removal of the president from the office"?
Who was Martin Luther king, Jr.?
A black civil rights leader who faught for rights for his fellow black men and women.
The U.S. congress represents which branch of government?
legislative branch
The Unite States is ruled by wich form of government?
What are the stripes on the flag for?
the 13 original colonies
What is the title for chief executive of city government?
How many members are there in the U.S. senate?
Must the president be a native of the United States?
How many states are there in the United States, and where is the nation's capital?
50, Washington D.C.
Name the three levels of goverment in the United States.
local, state and federal.
When was the U.S. costitution adopted?
in 1787
Who was president during the Civil War?
For how many years is a member of the U.S. house of representatives elected?
How many members are there in the U.S. house of representatives?
What is the Constitution?
our laws
What is the name of the group that directly elects the president of the United States?
electoral college
Who is the officer of the U.S. senate?
Vice President Dick Chaney
What is the title for the chief executive of state government?
What was the formal name of the document that served as America's Constitution between 1781 and 1788?
The articles of confederation
The U.S. constitution has how many ammendments?
List the three braches of America's federal government.
legislative, judicial and executive.
How old must a U.S. citizen be to vote?
Name the head of government in your city and state.
city= Mr.Roberts
state= Scott Macllum