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What are the three muscles attached to coracoid process?
1. Small head BICEP
2. Pec Minor
3. Choracobrachialis
What is the deltiod innervated by?
Axillary nerve
Name some muscles in shoulder gridle
Latissimus dorsi
Levator scapulae
Name anterior compartment muscles in the ARM
Biceps brachii
What nerve supplies the Anterior compartment of arm
Supinator of forearm
Flexor of elbow
Posterior compartment muscles of the arm
Triceps, long, medial, lateral heads
Posterior Compartment Innervation of the ARM
Radial n
Where is the radial n located in post compartment of arm?
Radial groove of humerus
What happens if you injure radial n
Cant extend wrist or fingers
Function of posterior compartment of the arm
Extension of elbow
What happens if there is a neck fracture on the humerus
Where is the brachial artery located
Anterior to the supracondylar arch in the posteriar compartment of arm.
What does elbow joint do
Flexion, Extension, Supination, pronation of forearm
What innervates pronator teres?
Median nerve
What happens if median nerve is impinged
Carpal tunnel like symptoms
Where is the ulnar n. located?
Posterior to medial epicondyle
What does the ulnar nerve innervate?
pinky and index finger
Median nerve supplies all flexors of forearm exept
Flexor carpi ulnaris & Flexor Digitorum Profundus
What innervates the forearm?
Median and Ulnar n.
Ulnar supplies most of the muscles of the hand exept
Thenar and 1st two lumbricals
Which muscles attach to medial epicondyle?
Which muscles attach to lateral compartment?
What landmark had the median nerve lateral to it, and the flexor carpi radialis tendon?
Palmaris longus tendon
What dfx can occur at pulmar aponeurosis?
Dupuytrens Contracture
What are dupuytrens contractures?
CT nodules build up on palmer aponeurosis causing flexion of fingers CLAW
How many tendons in carpal tunnel
What three musles make up the 9 tendons in carpal tunnel?
Flexor pollicis longus, flexor digitorium superficialis, flexor digitorum profundus
What is the superior part of the carpal tunnel?
Flexor Retinaculum
Where does the flexor carpi radialis muscle attach?
Attaches to base of second metacarpal
Which is the strongest flexor of the wrist?
Flexor carpi radialis. Initiates flexion of the wrist
What do lumbricals do?
Flex metacarpal phalangeal joint
What is a disease of lumbricals
Benedictines sign
Which muscle has no boney attachments?
Which bone is underneath anatomical snuff box
Tendons of anatomical snuffbox
abductor pollicis longus
Extensor pollicis longus
Adduction of thumb innervation
Flex thumb and opposition
extend thumb
abduction of thumb
medial and radial
Anesthesize back of hand
Radial n by scaphoid
Where can you find ulnar nerve quickly to anesthesize
Btw pisiform and hook of hammate
Whats Guyons canal
where you find ulnar nerve
Between pisiform and hook of hammate
Whats Erb-Duchennes paralysis
Forearm pronated, palm facing posterior. Waiters tip hand
What causes erb-duchennes
Impinge C5C6 of brachial plexus at birth or fall on head or shoulder
What injury occurs at neck (posterior triangle)
c5c5 Erb duchennes
Whats klemkes paralysis
clawed fingers, unapposed long flexors and extensors
What happens when T1 is impinged
Klemke paralysis
What causes winged scapula
Impingemnet of Long thoracic(C5,6,7) at level of axilla
Impingement of suprascapular n causes
Difficulty in abduction of arm
Impingement of musculocutanous
SEVER weakness of forearm flexion and weak supination. Loss of sensation in lateral forearm
Axillary n. impingement
Difficulty lifting arm above horizontal
Radial n injury at axilla
Crutch Paralysis.Saturday Night Palsy.wrist drop.loss of extension on forearm and hand.Loss of sensation posterior hand
Test C8 of fingers by
Holding paper
Radial n. injury at radial groove of humerus
Wrist drop. Not as much loss of forearm extension as in at axilla
Radial n. injury at neck of radius
No wrist drop.loss of proximal l extension of sensory loss.
Median n injury at axilla
Loss of forearm pronation.weak hand flexion.thumb flexion,opposition lost,abduction weakend.loss of sensatin in lateral palmar surface of hand
Median n. at wrist
Same as at axilla and elbow execept without dysfunction of pronation or hand flextion
Ulnar n. at axilla, arm, medial epicondyle
Motor/Sensory loss to hand.drawn to side of flexi carpi radialis when flexed.Cant make fist.Claw hand.
Median and Ulnar n. proximal to elbow
Clawing is minimal.all long flexors are lost.Clawing increased during recovery
C5 muscle testing
Deltoid and biceps. Deltoid best bet. Only innervated by C5. Biceps innervated by C5/C6
Reflex C5
Biceps reflex
Sensation testing C5
Lateral arm for axillary nerve on LATERAL position of DELTOID.
C6 Muscle testing
Wrist extension C6 radial n
Wrist extensor C6 bicep musculocutaneous
Reflex test of C6
Brachioradialis reflex tested proximal to the wrist
Can use bicep to not as good
Sensation C6
Lateral foraman muscu n.
thumb, index, lat middle finger
Muscle C7
Tricep,radial.Wrist flexor,C7,Radial,Ulnar n.
Flexor carpi radialis innervated by
median n
Flexor carpi ulnaris innerv by
ulnar n
What is bests wrist flexor
Flexor carpi radialis
Three finger extensors
digitorum communis
digiti indicis
digit minimi
Reflex test C7
Triceps reflex
Sensation testing C7
Middle finger
C8 muscle testing
Finger flexors
What to muscles flex the fingers
Flexor superficialis and profundus
Which neurological level had no reflex tests
Flexor profundus innervated by
Median and Ulnar
Flexor superficialis
Median n.
Sensation testing C8
ring and little fingers on hand and distal half of forearm ulnar side. LITTLE FINGER IS PUREST
T1 Muscle
Finger abductors
Sensation T1
Medial arm. Medial brachial cutaneous nerve. Medial side of upper half of the froearm and the arm
Which two levels dont have reflex?
C8 and T1