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In everything is plundered the mood is...........
c. sad but optomistic
In "I Am Not One of Those Who Left the Land..." how does Akhamatova feel about those who left?
B. Pitty
What kind of relationship does Solzhenitsyn suggests between lying ans vilence?
A. interconnected
Which of the following part of speech literallly translates to "throw between"?
B. Interjection
Rhonda is considered________; she is a friendly person that everyone loves to be around.
A. amiable
The stem Ject means:
B. Throw
Orwell would NOT___________communism because he does not believe in it; therfore, he would not support that kind of government.
B. advocate
Which stem means "know"?
C. Cogn
A coward is:
A. always cowering
Do most americans live by a lunar calendar?
B. No
Of the following, who would not have lived duringthe Golden Age of Russian Literature?
D. Pasternak
In his poem "To Chaadayev," what does Pushkin call for?
A. Freedom
What is the difference between a fold ballad and a literary ballad?
B. a literary ballad has an author
In "The Bridegroom" that evidence does Natasha have to support her story?
A. A ring for the dead girl.
Anton Chekhov wrote the bet. Which biographical factor is reflected in this story?
C. he studied prisons in Siberia
The Events in the Bet were sparked bu a fierce argument about....
death penalty
What is the main message of "A song on the end of the world"?
D. Then End can come unrecongized by most people
In "A song on the End of the world," Milosz creates a setting that is best described as....
D. Grim
Where did Milosz get part of the idea for the poem?
C. Martin Luther
Snowball's role on amilmal farm becomes......
B. Scapegoat
Who played the "visionary" of Animalism but never lived to see it come about?
D. Old Major
Why is Sugarcandy Mountain changed to a myth (instead of being seen as real)?
A. The pigs want all allegiance and energy focused on the revolution and the farm.
Totalitarian governments in the 20th Centurey often sought to solidify their grip on power by gettin children away from parents inot the hands of the state at the earliest possible age. Which animals best represent Orwell's concern about this?
D. dogs
Who or what best expresses the following idea: "revolutions eat their own children"?
A. Snowball
At the very end of the novel, Benjamin reads the wall that once held the Seven Commandments.
D. All animlas are equal, but some are more equal than others.
What is unusual about newspeak, the language that was created in 1984?
D. It gets smaller every year
Which of the following did Orwell see as a problem with language and thought?
C. eupemisms
Most peoples in modern-day Russia and Eastern Europe are from what major ethnic and linguistic group?
B. Slavic
What year did WW1 break out?
What nations have the velvet divorce? when it broke into two peacefully?
B. Czechoslovakia
What is a reason for communism to embrace the idea of athrism? The communist leaders.....
D. all of the above
Who is Russia's president today?
B. Vladimir Putin
What was the relationship of the Eastern Orthodox Church to the Czars?
A. Offered strong support to the government
What dicision of Prince Vladimir of Kiev in 988 has affected Russia's developement?
D. he adoped Eastern Othodoxy as Russia's Religion
What is Peter the Great most famous for?
C. Somehat westernizing russia.
Pope John Paul II, the scientist Copernicus, strong Catholicism, and a didication to their county despite numerous foreign invasions and occupations... what county is this?
A. Poland
What was the time peroid for the excerpts you read from the third reich?
What means "Second thoughts" or "unpleasant Feelings about doing somehting"?
D. Qualms
Which of the following authors supported communism at least briefly in their lifetime?
C. Milosz
Folk Ballads are characterized by:
D. all of these
What is the only country to merge after the fall of communism?
A. Germany