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Pariah n:

A social outcast

Fluent adj:

Able to express oneself easily and clearly

Cavort v:

To leap about a sprightly manner

Pedagogue n:

A school teacher

Melee n:

A noisy confused fight

Ensue v:

To follow as a result

Desecrate v:

To damage a holy place; to treat with irreverence

Personification n:

A person or thing that represents an idea

Bias n:

A prejudiced view (either for or against); a preference

Aloof adj:

Reserved; distant

Gyrate v:

To revolve or rotate quickly; to spiral

Fiat n:

An official order

Fideity n:


Rambunctious adj:

Unruly; uncontrollable

Hilarity n:

Galety; joviality

Genocide n:

The deliberate destruction of a group of people

Zaftig adj:

Having a full,shapely figure

Predilection n:

A preference toward someone or something

Faux adj:

Artificial; false; not genuine

Forway n:

A surprise attack

Conjecture n:

A judgement opinion based on little or questionable evidence

Allocate v:

To distribute, allot, or designate

Gratis adj:

Free; without charge

Materialistic adj:

Wanting material possessions

Belabor v:

To work nat something beyond practicality; to over stress

Progeny n:

Offspring; children

Quintessential adj:

The most typical;ideal

Rudimentary adj:

Basic; not refined or well developed

Monolithic adj:

Massive, uniform, and solid

Manifesto n:

A public declaration of policies or intentions