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Muslim League headed by?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Partition means...


Pakistan and India gained Independence on...

August 15th, 1947

Who were the Sikhs?

Members of a religious minority

What is Kashmir?

A state in the Himalayas with Muslim and Hindu populations

Ceylon, an island south of India changed its name to ....... in 1972

Sri Lanka

Buddhists were...


Hindu were...


Who was Jawaharlal Nehru?

India's first Prime Minister

What is a dalits?

An outcast.

Who was Indira Ghandi?

She was the daughter of Nehru and the elected Prime Minister 2 years after her father's death.

East Pakistan changed it's name to...


Compelled means...

made or forced to

What is a nonalignment?

Political and diplomatic independence from both cold war superpowers.

Pakistan backed up the Taliban who did they support?

The terrorist group Al Qaeda

What are savannas?

Grasslands with scattered trees

Who was Kwame Nkrumah?

Speaker and organizer in the Gold Coast.

Who was Jomo Kenyatta?

Prime minister of Kenya (lead independence movement) also leader of Mau Mau

Who was Leopold Senghor?

Senegalese politician (led an independence movement)

What is Coupd'etat ?

The forcible overthrow of a government

Who is Mobutu Seso Seko?

Dictator of Zaire aka the republic of Congo (US support it)

US had an alliance with...


Soviet Union had an alliance with...


First nation to win freedom (Gold Coast)


What is the largest ethnic group in Kenya?


How did Kenya get their freedom?

After an armed struggle.

Who conquered Algeria?

The French

What are Islamists?

People who want all the government decisions to be based on Islamic traditions.

What were the three dominant groups in Nigeria?

1) Christian Ibo (south)

2) Yoruba (south)

3) Muslim Hausa (north)

The Kurdish fought who?


What is a kibbutz?

A collective farm

What is a secular?

Non-religious government and law keeping religion and government separate.

What is a doctrine?

A teaching, principal, or belief

What is hejab?

Wearing traditional Muslim headscarves and loose-fitting, ankle length garments to conceal

Who is Gamal Abdel Nasser?

He seized power in Europe and nationalized the Suez Canal

Who was Anwar Sadat?

The first to make peace with Israel

Who was Mohammad Mosaddeq?

Iran's prime minister

Who was Ruhollah Khomeini?

A religious leader in Iran

What is a theocracy?

A government by religious leaders

A fight breaks out between?

Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan

How was India divided after gaining independence?

In four parts.

How did Great Britain view Africans?

They believed that Africans were different and they were inferior.

How did the French view Africans?

They treated them equally if they adopted French culture, if they didn't, they were inferior.

Who was Ahmed Ben Bella?

One of the main factions leaders who were fighting the French.

What was one of the tests that people did to classify someone?

They stuck a comb in their hair, and if it stuck they were African.