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What are the adv. and disadv. of asexual reprod

adv: fast and easy

disadv. no variety, kids are same as parents

What are adv. and disadv. of sexual repro

adv. variety

disadva: more time, effort and risk

What is mitosis

asexual cell division

one division yields two identical diploid cells

What does diploid mean

two copies of the chromosomes (2n)

What does haploid mean

only 1 copy of the chromosomes (n)

What do large organisms use mitosis for

growth and healing

What do simple organisms use mitosis for


What is meiosis

Sexual reproduction

one cell divides twice to give 4 new cells with HALF the number of chromosomes as the parent

What does meiosis make

sex cells

What are male products of meiosis

4 sperm cells

What are the female products of meiosis

1 egg and 3 polar bodies

What are homologous chromsomes

chromosomes that are paired, one from each parent

What is fertilization and where does it occur

joining of egg and sperm cell

occurs in the fallopian tube

Where does the fetus develop


What is differentiating

specialization of cells