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What is currie Munce's main aim?

Build bigger storage

How quickly did the possbile areal density of hard disks increase in the 1990s?

it doubled every 18 months

how long does munce think magnetic recording technology will continue to make rapid advances in capacity?

at least another 5 - 10 years

What problem does he predict for magnetic storage?

superparamagnetism threatens to make densely packed bits unstable

what is predicted limit for discrete bit magnetic storage capacity?

10 terabits per square inch

what storage technologies might replace current magnetic systems?

atomic force microscopy and holographic storage

what is the advantage of holographic storage being three-dimensional?

Pages of data can be superimposed on a single volume.

What improvements are predicted due to the fast access rates and tranfer times of holographic storage?

Improved network searches video on demand, high-end servers, enterprise computing and supercomputing

What is predicted to be the mosrt important high capacity removable storage mdia in the next 10 years.

cd-roms and dvds

what method of software distribution is likely to replace optical drive?

online delivery

Big blue


areal density

a phenomenon that threatens to make densely packed bits unstable in magnetic storage devices

moore's law

prediction that the number of transistors than can be incorporated into a processor chip will doubled every 18 months


a phenomenon that threatens to make densely packed bits unstable in magnetis storage devices.


one thousand gigabits


atomic force microscopy


the approximate radius of an atom

the development of afm is more advanced then holographic storage


the predicted maximum storage density of AFM is 400 gigabits per square inch


hologprahy works in 3D


univac I was the first computer to use tape storage edvices


users want higher capaicty storage devices than technology can provide