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Precocious Puberty

Early development of sexual maturity marked by ovulation before the age of 8

Precocious puberty sono appearance

Serial sonogram appearance

Uterus and ovaries are size they would be in a menstruating female

Serial sonograms show regression in response to therapy

Precocious puberty causes

Central nervous system cysts

Tumors on pituitary gland

Hypothalamus or ovarian tumor

Feminizing adrenal cortical tumors

Adrenal carcinoma

Exogenous sources of estrogen

Sexual ambiguity exhibited in what % of live births


Hermaphrodites exhibit

Both male and female tissue/ internal and external genitalia variable

Ultrasounds role in sexual ambiguity

To define internal organs
Hydrocolpos/ hematocolpos

Fluid or blood in vagina

Hydrometra/ hematometra

Fluid or blood in the uterus

Fluid or blood in both the vagina and uterus

Fluids become infectious
Pyometra occurs most commonly with
Imperforated hymen or congenital vagina atresia
Pyometra appearance

Echogenic fluid levels of debris , septation

Degree of distention dependent on

Length of time fluid has accumulated and amount of secretion
Pyometra Symptoms

May experience vague pelvis discomfort

Pain during bowel movement and/or urination Maybe be asymptomatic