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What is currently one of the most common reasons a home sale falls apart?

-adverse property conditions discovered during inspections

-buyers present sellers with a list of contingencies that may not be accepted

-the home is put back on the market bc a counteroffer is submitted

-none of the above

adverse property conditions discovered during inspections.

what should be written up once a buyer decides to buy the property?

a purchase agreement

What is one benefit of an early move-in?

the buyers are able to take possession of the property before escrow closes

what is an offer known as that is made by someone rejecting an unsatisfactory offer?


What is the offer to purchase also known as?


-deposit receipt

-escrow instructions

-terms of purchase

deposit receipt - receipt for earnest money and is the offer to purchase

What does the deposit receipt become once it has been signed by all parties?

-structural dependency

-bilateral contract

-complete financing agreement

-salesperson's responsibility

bilateral contract