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election of 1960
closest election ever B4 bush/clinton

democrats-John F. Kennedy (Mass.)
Lyndon B. Johnson (Texas)
republicans- Richard M. Nixon (CA)
Henry Cabot Lodge (Mass)

JFK- 49.7% RMN-49.6%
303-219 kennedy-nixon
kennedy takes office on....
Jan 20, 1961
Bay of Pigs Apr. 17m 1961
Fulgencio Batista is overthrown by fidel castro (Jan. 1959).... we try to overthrow fidel with trained cubans who will infiltrate cuba and start rebellion, fidel already knows, 1200 captured, 300 killed, have to pay $53 million to get them back
Cuban Missle crisis
1962- ussr ships missile parts, planes and men to cuba

oct. 14, U.S. finds they are offensive weapons.

decide to naval blockade cuba
surround cuba-180 ships and b-52's

nikita kruschev turns around back to ussr.
five options for missile crisi
1. do nothing
2. negotiate with soviets
3. bomb missile sites
4. invade cuba-remove castro
issue after missile crisis
1.remaining missile parts
2.blockade stays in effect til parts are out
3.ships escort soviets back to ussr
4.castro promises no more missles
5.kruschev promises no more sending

kennedy praises krushchev for keeping world peace- kruchchev is forced to back down--was too light
national volunteer agency for part time or full time service for up to two years, non paid basis/or stipend
opportunities for skilled americans to serve in developing nations overseas.
1. give help where needed
2. promote better understanding of america abroad
3. sharpen americans image of other people.
JFK assassination
Nov. 22, 1963 Friday

Dallas Love Field @ noon in 20 car motorcade. in a convertable

sat with governer john connally and wife, and then jackie his wife.

turned left on elm street and killed
JFK assassin
Lee Harvey Oswald
troubled youth-marines-good shooter
6th floor of Schoolbook depository

killed by Jack Ruby while being transferred to more secure jail
theories of JFK assassination
1.acting alone--oswald "single bullet" or "magic bullet" theory

2. second gunman in grassy knoll
"conspiracy theory"
The Warren Comission
didnt look at everything.
established to investigate assassination
only 9 mos. of study to conclud oswald was guilty
potential JFK conspirators
1. fidel castro-bay of pigs/missile crisis
2.Soviet union-embarrassed form backing down.
3.FBI director J. Edgar Hoover who didn't like Kennedy or his brother robert
4.Congressional "War Hawks" who wanted Johnson as president
5. CIA-differences with kennedy
6. mafia-JFK tried to bust mafia up
Black Pride in the 1960's
1.showing pride in dress->native attire/jewelry
2. hair-afro
4. food-->soul food
5. history-classes in college "black history"
black power
local level-> black mayors in Cleveland, OH, Gary, IN, Washington, D.C., Chapel Hill,N.C., Fayette, MI,

9 black members of the House of Representatives

Edward Brook-> U.S. Senator
black power-->"black is beautiful"
1. to african americans- black doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, and businessmen (ppl. of influence.) whites-> guns and riots
black poverty line
1960--> 50% of black america @ poverty line.

1967--> 1/3 @ poverty line
black education
1960--> 42 % graduate highschool
1970--> 65% graduate higschool
Civil Rights Act of 1964
guarenteed everyone (mostly blacks) their civil rights, reinforcing the 14th amendment.
Voting Rights Act of 1965
got rid of literacy tests, and no more poll tax, reinforced the 15th amendment
still poverty and overpopulated
job discrimination, racism
wanted results right now! panthers-Eldrige Cleever, Bobby Seale, and Houie Newton muslims-Malcolm X
Turmoil in 1965
rioting in black communities start in Atlanta, Detroit, LA, Newark, and Washington D.C.
Watts Riot in LA. August 11-17, 1965
belief LAPD was racist
Marques Frey was stopped for drunk driving, and wouldnt let him go-->started riots

6 days of rioting and looting

150 sq. blocks of "war zone"

35 deaths
4000 arrests
$200 million in debts

slogan--> burn baby burn

renewed the call for black nationalism in the United States of America.
disco jockey-- for KGFJ
said burn baby burn before every song
Lyndon B. Johnsons "Great Society"
wanted to combat.....
1. hunger
2. disease
4. poverty
5. pollution

undermined by inflation and economic mismanagement
first man on the moon
Americans send Neil Armstrong, adn Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969
conquered the world with fads, fashions and celebrities
celebrities of the 60's and fads, and fashions
beatles, tiny tim, twiggy, cassius clay

miniskirts, paisley shirts, bell-bottoms

pot, coed dorms, live in roomates, feminine and gay rights movements
1960's youth
idealists ( if the world is wrong, we can fix it)

1.joined peace corps
2.marched for civil rights in wash. D.C.
3.marched for peace. love not war
4.system was slow to respond=bitter
Free Speech movement
youth attacked the establishment.
leaders were scorned.

1. why not men with long hair
2. why should couples get married
3. confrontation-parents, deans, police
abbie hoffman
revolution for the helluva it
anti-war activites take place in country burn draft cards, and flee to canada and sweden
2.ROTC is hooted off college campuses by demonstrators
3.police become known as pigs
4. hate filled antiwar slogans
Students dropping out of school
tune in- turn on- drop out--Dr. Timothy Leary a Harvard Professor says

hippies-embraced love and peace
drugs-pot, LSD, acid rock
Woodstock, NY Aug. 15-18 1969
Max Yasgur's 600 acre dairy farm, 400,000 modern day nomads gathered for 3 days of music, drugs, sex and community in Bethel, N.Y.
assasins of the 1960's
JFK-nov.22, 1963
MLK-apr. 4, 1968
Robert Kennedy- June 4, 1968
charles whitman
slipped into a campus tower and shot 44 passers-by killing 13. sho in the tower by a policeman
charles manson
had his cult who symbolized the darker aspects of society with their series of bizarre cult killings known as Tate-La Bianca murders.
electronic media
TV and radio, big factor for the presidential campaigns
operation mongoose
kennedy's plan to unseat castro by infiltrating cuba with revolutionists. plan backfired
the action of obtaining the rights of citizenship like voting
activists who would not tolerate any compromise
congress of racial equality
led by james farmer
carefully selected interracial groups of bus passengers in the Freedom Riders.

purpose- to test the execution of the decision made by the supreme court
decision made by supreme court regarding bus stations
said that all bus stations and terminals serving interstate travelers should be integrated.
james meredith
was a black airforce veteran who had to have Pres. Kennedy send the U.S. Army to enforce a court order to enroll him in the University of Mississippi.

Ross Barnett-Gov. of Mississippi who didn't want to enroll James.
March on Washington D.C.
250,000 marchers, to the nations capital on August, 28, 1963.
"I have a dream" speech made by MLK Jr.
Selma, Alabama
location where MLK Jr. had another campaign for nonviolent resistance and for voting rights.

600 demonstrators who were pushed back to Selma with King singing" we shall overcome"

later they started the march again with MLK Jr.
someone who dies for the name of an important cause
black seperatism
the seperation of the races in America
Malcolm X
strong African American leader who helped others recognize the importance of black pride.

started to lean toward nonviolent resistance and was killed by three black muslims when he switched over.
Black Panthers
founded in Oakland, California
protected communities from police harassment, and assuming neighborhood control of police, schools and other services.

led by Eldrige Cleever, Seever, and Newton
Kerner Report
racial barriers
greater public response in all
better communication

"two sepearte nations"
king assassination
shot on Apr. 4, 1968
by James Earl Ray
on a balcony in Memphis, Tennessee.
clear endorcement of someone's ideas
temporary alliance with a common purpose
New Frontier
Kennedy's vision of Progress at home
wanted to fix....
1. civil rights
2. civil liberties
3. inner-city slums
4. inadequate education
5. poverty
Berlin Wall
built to prevent East Germany from fleeing to the West.
Project Mercury
consisted of test flights from 1961 to 1963.
John H. Glenn became first man to orbit the earth in Feb. 1962
Project Gemini
launched a second series of flights in which two man teams practice maneuvering and docking spacecraft while orbiting earth.
Project Apollo
acommplished the moonlanding goal, and began in 1968
Alliance for Progress
series of aid projects undertaken with Latin American countries that agreed to democratic reform.
Peace Corps
assisted in education and rural development projects
Lee Harvey Oswald
Kennedy's assassin
a kind of domsetic peace corps of citizens working in poor neighborhoods.
Volunteers in Service to America

paid for by the Economic Opportunity Act
Project Headstart
gave preschoolers from disadvantaged families a leg up on elementary education.
presidential election of 1964
Johnson vs. Arizona senator Barry Goldwater
federally funded health care for the elderly
companion program to medicare for the needy who were too young to qualify for medicare
robert weaver
became the first african american to serve in a presidential abinet in the new department of housing and urban development
due process
the established legal rules and procedures
Escobedo v. Illinois
court ruled that the right to legal counsel begines at the moment of arrest or as soon as someone becomes the subject of police suspicion
Miranda v. Arizona
court ruled that "prior to any questioning the person must be warned that he has a right to remain silent, that any statement he does ake may be used as evidence against him, and that he has a right to the pressence of an attorney, either retained or appointed.