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center concerned with causes, spread, and control or diseases in the population
centers for disease control and prevention (CDC)
institution that provides care for outpatients; a group of specialists working in cooperation with each other
procedures used to control costs or expenses for rising healthcare
cost containment
these offices vary in size from offices that are prvately owned by one or more dentists to dental clinics that employ a number of dentists; provide care for people at all ages and specialize
dental offices
one way congress is controlling the cost for gov. insurance plans such as medicare and medicaid
diagnostic realted group (DRG)
provide special care for victims of accidents or sudden illnesses
emergency care services
federal angency responsible for refulating food and drug products sold to the public
food and drug administration (FDA)
care of elderly; rapid field of growth
state or local that provides health care services by national organizations
health department
pays for cost of healthcare
health insurance plans
provide total health care that is directed toward preventive health care and a premium is paid
health maintenance organizations (HMO)
prmotes physical, emotional and social well being; treats each person as a unique individual with different needs
holistic health care
any type of health care provided in a patients home environment
home health care
program designed to provide care for the terminally ill while allowing them to die with dignity
institution that provides medical or surgical care and treatment for the sick or injured
(occupational health clinics) located in large businesses or industries; provides care for employees of the industry or business by perfroming basic examininations; teaching accident prevention and safety providing emergency care
industrial health care centers
room where scientific tests, research, expirements, or learning takes place
provides assistance and care for elderly patients called residents and handicaps or people with longerm illness and known as nursing homes or geriatric homes
long term care facilities (LTCF)
all health care provided to a patient must have a purpose. developed in response to rising health care costs
managed care
gov. program that provides mecial care for people whose incomes are below a certain level; pays for welfare for disabled or blind or over age of 65
vary from privately owned to large offices that operate as corporations; diagnosing, treatment, exams, etc.
medical offices
fov. program that provides hospital care for elderly and or disabled individuals who has had social securtiy benefits for over 2 years.
facilities that treat patients with mental disorders and diseases
mental health
division of health and human services that is involved in research on diease
national institute or health (NIH)
(voluntary agencies) supported by donations; provides health services at national state and local level
nonprofit agencies
establishes and envorces standards that protect workers from job related injuries and illnesses
occupational saftey and health administration (OSHA)
requires states to establish training and competency evaluation proframs for nursing and geriatric assistants
omnibus budget reconciliation act (OBRA)
diagram and pictorial account of lines of authority in any facility or oganization
organiztional structure
insurance plan usually provided by large industries or companies to their employees, they are restricted to using specific hospitals and doctores that are on the plan
preferred provider organiztion (PPO)
the restoration to useful life through therapy and education; facilities that provide care directed to metally and physically disabled patients
found in schools and in colleges to provide health services
scholl health services
is a national agency that deals with health problems in the united states
U.S. department of health and human services (DHHS)
supported by contributions or donations
voluntary agencies
state of being in good health; well
health insurance plan provided to an individual who is injured on the job
workers' compensation
international agency sponseored by the United Nations; compiles statistics and info on disesase, publishes health info and investigates and addresses serious health problem throughout the world
World Health Organization(WHO)