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Who is the internet regulated by?

No central regulatory body.

ISOC - Internet society of standards, protocols, technical infrastructure.

IAB - Internet architecture board

IETF - Internet engineering taskforce

IESG - Internet engineering steering group

ICANN Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers

What is the Information Economy?

The value in the economy has moved from physical goods (atoms) to information(bits). Provision of services: Banking, Finance.

What is Digitization?

The conversion from atoms to bits. Information collected, stored and processed. Digital goods are cheaper to store and distribute. New models, new markets, avenues for communication.

What is the move from Industrial to information Society?

Shift of ownership of control of "things" to control of information. New and revolutionary models to market and deliver products/services

Regulation, law, directive?

Regulation: Creating a limit, constraining a right or creating a responsibility.

Law: Set of rules

Directive, a legal act which requires states to achieve a particular result without dictating how to achieve it.

Legal issues with computer networks

HairyEvil CyborgsHaphazardlyDecapitateCrazyParasiticIllegals

Hacking, Encryption, Censorship, Harassment, Defamation, Copyright, Privacy, Illegal Content