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Which rider would allow the insured to buy additional coverage at special times without a medical exam?
Guaranteed insurability
All the following statements are true regarding a disability income rider except:
The monthly income is based on a % of the death benefit of the policy to which it is attached.

*This monthly income is based on a percentage of the faceamount of the policy to which it is attached.
Which rating would be considered best of the following choices?

a. Fitch BBB+
b. AM Best B++
c. Moody Baa1
d. Standard and Poor A-
Moody Baa1

*his is the best rating of the four and is considered a rank number 4 on the chart
The incorrect statement concerning the cost of living rider would be:
There is usually a premium increase for the additional protection if the insured can prove insurability.

*The insured does not have to prove insurability for the increase in death benefit.
All the following are true concerning MIB except:
MIB gets its information from claim forms and physicians.

*Medical Information Bureau gets its information only from underwriters.
One of the underwriter's duties is classification of the risk. Which of the following would be incorrect concerning classification?
A preferred risk is reflected in the mortality table.

*The mortality table reflects a standard or average risk.
The purpose for this rider is to provide money for the insured to pay for medical and nursing care expenses if diagnosed with terminal illness.
Accelerated Benefits
Which of the following is true concerning AIDS testing and underwriting?
policy may not contain exclusions for AID/HIV losses.

*Insurers cannot limit or deny coverage for due to aids. They can refuse to issue a policy if the insured tests positive for aids. MIB will record a positive aids test as an unspecified blood disorder and each insurer would be required to do their own testing.
The State of California's required financial report includes all the following information except:
The company's declined policy results.
__________ guarantees that when a contract is annuitized, the income payments will be based on the greater of the actual contract value or a minimum payout base.
Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefits
Money returned to policyholders from an insurance company`s earnings is called:
Policy dividends.
Which of the following statements about the MIB is not true?
Insurance companies may use MIB reports to decline a policy.

*The insurance company must have other factors to refuse the application.
Which of the following is a significant difference between individual policies and Group Life Insurance contracts?
Group underwriting is based on averages, such as the average age, the average working conditions and the average health condition of the group members
All the following companies rate insurance companies financial strength except:
Fitch's Investor Service
An accelerated death benefit rider (also known as living needs rider) in a life insurance policy allows which of the following?
The policyowner may receive a portion of the proceeds prior to the death under certain circumstances.
How do the level term rider on a Family Maintenance Policy and the decreasing term rider on a Family Income policy differ from all other level and decreasing term riders in that:
These riders are used to produce income instead of a death benefit.
Sometimes a substandard risk is also called _____________
All of the following are true regarding surplus except:
Shareholder surplus is 50% of the capital.

*Shareholder Surplus is 50% of the underwriting income profit for a stock insurance company that is taxed in theyear earned.
All the following are disadvantages of the Traditional Net Cost Method except:
The dividends and premium payments are projections.
Morbidity tables are used by insurance companies to calculate:
The likelihood of sickness.
Usually companies offer several options when a policy is rated. Below are all true except:
Charge for a lower age than the actual age
Which of the following is a true statement?
Critical Illness riders pay benefits upon first diagnosis of a covered condition, and doesn`t need to result in death.
____________ is the amount by which an insurance company's assets exceed its liabilities and capital.
Earned surplus
What are the two methods most often used to compare the cost of life insurance policies?
Interest Adjusted Cost Method and Traditional Net Cost.
In the event of a loss, the insured is required to submit all of the following except:
A completed Statement of the acting doctor.
All of the following statements pertaining to life insurance premiums are correct except:
In establishing premium rates, a company must assume it will earn a high rate of interest on its invested premiums

*The insurer assumes a low rate of interest in order to make sure they collect enough premium to meet their contractual obligations.
Jason has been disabled for 5 years and his policy had a waiver of premium rider. Which of the following is true?
The premiums that were paid would have no effect on the either the cash value or the death benefit.
The following are guidelines that help avoid unfair underwriting for the risk of HIV/AIDS except:
The insurer cannot deny coverage based solely on results from two different medical samples

*The insurer MAY decline a potential insured for coverage if his/her medical sample shows positive for AIDS/HIV on two different tests.
Higher retention rates are advantages for all parties involved in life insurance because:
Lower expenses and lower product prices.
Jackson is paying $100 per month for his universal life policy which has a waiver of monthly deduction. Jackson was disabled 5 years. Which of the following is true?
Jackson's mortality and expense charges would be paid however no money will be paid into the cash account.

*The waiver of monthly deduction on a universal life product only pays the mortality and expense deduction owed monthly. It does not pay any money into the cash account.