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tumor marker: S-100
tumor marker: melanoma, neural tumors
tumor marker: CA-125
tumor marker: ovarian cancer
tumor marker: CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen)
tumor marker: adenocarcinomas of colon, pancreas, stomach, and breast
tumor marker: PSA and PAP
tumor marker: adenocarcinoma of the prostate
tumor marker: AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)
tumor marker: liver cancers, yolk sac tumors (testicular)
tumor marker: bombesin
tumor marker: small cell carcinomas, gastric/pancreatic carcinomas
Anticentromeric antibody
Antibody: scleroderma (CREST form)
Antimitochondrial antibody
Antibody: primary biliary cirrhosis
Antinuclear antibody
Antibody: SLE (and other autoimmune diseases)
Anti-TSH antibody
Antibody: Grave's disease
Rheumatoid Factor
Marker for rheumatoid arthritis
oncogene: bcl-2
oncogene: follicular and undifferentiated lymphomas
oncogene: erb-B2
oncogene: breast, ovarian, gastric carcinomas
oncogene: c-myc
oncogene: Burkitt's lymphoma
oncogene: L-myc
oncogene: small cell carcinoma of the lung
oncogene: N-myc
oncogene: neuroblastoma (2p)
oncogene: ret
oncogene: multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN II and III)
tumor suppressor gene: BRCA-1
tumor suppressor gene: breast cancer and ovarian cancer (17q)
tumor suppressor gene: DCC
tumor suppressor gene: colon carcinoma (18q)
tumor suppressor gene: DPC
tumor suppressor gene: pancreatic cancer (18q)
tumor suppressor gene: NF-1
tumor suppressor gene: neuro fibromatosis I (17q)
tumor suppressor gene: NF-2
tumor suppressor gene: neuro fibromatosis II (22q)
tumor suppressor gene: p53
tumor suppressor gene: many cancers (17p)
oncogenic virus: EBV
oncogenic virus: nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Burkitt lymphoma
oncogenic virus: HTLV-1 (human T-lymphocyte virus)
oncogenic virus: adult T-cell leukemia
oncogenic virus: HPV
oncogenic virus: cervical cancer
oncogenic virus: HBV
oncogenic virus: hepatocellular carcinoma
oncogenic virus: HHV 8 (member of herpes family)
oncogenic virus: Kaposi sarcoma