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Behavioral health is a term used interchangeably with?

mental health

two recent (DoD) initiatives include

post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment and expanded counseling for service members,

retirees, and their families

the basics of self-care

-spend time with your family

-keep your spirits up

-do something for you

-get plenty of rest

-establish a network of support

-make plans to pass the time

what is psychotherapy?

interpersonal, discussion-based type of behavioral health care

outpatient psychotherapy is covered up to?

two sessions per week
inpatient psychotherapy is covered up to?

five sessions per week

therapy sessions that are covered

-individual psychotherapy

-play therapy

-family or conjoint psychotherapy

-group psychotherapy

-collateral visits

who is individual psychotherapy used for?

therapy for adults and children
individual psychotherapy are covered for up to?

60 minutes

individual psychotherapy crisis sessions may

extend up to?

120 minutes

what is play therapy?

a form of covered individual psychotherapy used to diagnose and treat children

what is family or conjoint psychotherapy?

therapy designed to treat the entire family.
family or conjoint psychotherapy are covered up to?

90 minutes
family or conjoint psychotherapy crisis sessions may extend up to?

180 minutes

group psychotherapy sessions are covered up to?

90 minutes

are collateral visits therapy sessions?


what are collateral visits used for?

gathering information and to implement treatment goals

how long can a collateral visits last up to?

60 minutes

psychoanalysis requires what?

prior authorization

who can administer a psychoanalysis?

a graduate or candidate of a psychoanalytic

training institution

when is psychological testing and assessment


provided in conjunction with psychotherapy

psychological testing is limited to how many hours per FY?


what is (TRIAP)?

Tricare assistance program

what Tricare-eligible beneficiaries may use


-Active duty (ADSM)

-Active duty family members (ADFM)

-Tricare reserve select (TRS)

-Transition assistance management program (TAMP)

what services does the Telemental health program provide?

-clinical consultation

-individual psychotherapy

-psychiatric diagnostic interview examination

-medication management

substance use disorder includes?

alcohol or drug abuse or dependence