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Export Selling

Involves selling the same product, at the same price, with the same promotional tools in a different place

Export Marketing

Tailors the marketing mix to international customers

Requirements for Export Marketing

- An understanding of the target market environment

- The use of market research and identification or market potential

- Decisions concerning product design, pricing, distribution and channels, advertising, and communications

National Policies Governing Exports and Imports

- Most nations encourage exports and restrict imports

- European Union trade, domestic and foreign, is $3 trilling +

Government programs that Support Exports

- Tax incentives

- Subsidies

- Governmental assistance

- Free trade zones

Governmental Actions to Discourage Imports and Block Market Access

- Tariffs

- Import Controls

- Nontariff barriers

- Quotas

- Discriminatory procurement policies

- Restrictive customs procedures

- Arbitrary monetary policies

- Restrictive regulations

Tariff Systems

-Single-column tariff

-Two-column tariff

Single-column tariff

- Simplest type of tariff

- Schedule of duties in which rate applies to imports from all countries on the same basis

Two-column tariff

General duties plus special duties apply

Customs Duties

-Ad valorem duty

-Specific duty

-Compound or mixed duties

Ad Valorem Duty

Expressed as percentage of value of goods

Specific Duty

Expressed as specific amount of currency per weight, volume, length, or other unit of measurement

Other Duties and Import Charges

-Anti-dumping Duties

-Countervailing Duties

-Variable Import Levies

-Temporary Surcharges

Anti-dumping Duties defined

- Dumping is the sale of merchandise in export markets at unfair prices

- Special import charges equal the dumping margin to even out the dumping benefit

Countervailing Duties

A tariff on a country that is subsidized and therefore able to sell a product cheaply