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What specific peices of equipment uses two-stroke gas?
K-1200 Partner
K-950 Partner
STIHL TS 350 Rescue Saw
STHIL Chain Saw
Home Lite 330 Chain Saw
What ratio gasoline stabilizer do we use?
Use TK-7 1/8 ounce per gallon of gasoline ratio. FYI I dont think we even use this any more
What two brand names of two cycle oil do we use?
What is the fuel mixture ratio we use for two stroke engines?
40 to one > OR 2 1/2 gallons to 8 ounces.
What is a granular material which in contact with water forms an immediate seal to plug, divert, and confine flammable liquids and hazardous spills?
PB-35 Plug and Dike
PB-35 is a combination of what two things?
High water absorption polymer in a bentonite base
The polymer in PB-35 will absorb over ???? times its own weight in water??
150 times
Will PB-35 prevent the flow of gasoline through it?
How longe wil PB-35 last when used?
As long as it is maintained wet and also 4-8 hours easily
How does PB-35 hold up under heat?
Holds up well even under intense heat.
How many feet/head of liquid can PB35 hold?
12-15 foot/head
Can PB35 be used to plug high pressure lines and breaks?
No, but it can be used to controll that spill by diking and confining it at the point where it comes in contact with the ground and the pressure is now reduced to a flow.
Power tool safety, - how many feet away from the fueling point should the cutting machine be?
10 feet
How far should you move a cutting machine away from a fuel point before starting it?
At least 10 feet
What % will the lockout tool kit get into?
What can be used to limit damage to paint and rubber insulation on a car while using the lock out kit?
Masking tape
soap (wetting agent)
Where is the instructions for the lock out tool kit kept?
With the tool
How much wetting agent is added to the water extinguisher?
1 cap
When do we check/inspect our extinguishers?
The first apparatus day of the month. It is also on our Apparatus check list for mondays. So It may just be mondays.
Where do we send broken CO2 cartidges?
Sta 32
What month is the annual maintenance done?
When filling the H2O extinguisher how much of each substance is needed?
Two and a half gallons of water and a cap full of wetting agent.
How much water and wetting agent is to be added to the extiguisher?
Two and a half gallons and one cap of wetting agent.
In reference to PB-35, the polymer will absorb ____ times it's own weight.
Can PB-35 be used on a spill where fire is involved? If so what is the procedure?
Yes, use more water as the heat may tend to partially dry out the PB-35 with time.
PB-35 can be used for up to ____ head pressure
8-10 foot head of liquid (note: policy says 12-15 but the actual package says 8-10)
The K1200 uses what type of fuel?
Unleaded gasoline