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How are the Lotza Mozza Sticks served?
8 sticks are served with marinara sauce
Describe the onion rings
Our world famous onion rings are lightly breaded and shaped into a loaf then deep fried until crispy.
What is added to the Baked Potato Soup by the server?
Bacon bits, chedder cheese and green onions
If a guest orders soup & salad, what size soup and which size salad do you bring them?
Soup: Bowl
Salad: Roma's House Salad
List the ingredients of a Roma's House Salad in order
Lettuce Mix, dressing, bacon bits, chedder cheese, croutons, tomato wedge
How many guests does a half loaf and a full loaf or onion rings serve?
Half loaf: 1-3 guests
Full loaf: 4-6 guests
How are the Lotza Mozza Sticks served?
8 sticks are served with marinara sauce
What is suggestive selling?
"Would you like a half loaf with your Roma's Triple Play Sampler?"
What sauce comes with the onion rings, and how is it served?
Served with our original barbeque sauce. One tin for a half loaf, two for a full loaf.
All tables get bread and butter except. . .
A table where everyone orders a sandwich
What are the portions for the potato skins, and what sauce comes with it?
6 potato wedges that come with sour cream
How do the Red Hots Buffalo wings come?
8 wings come with bleu cheese and an accompaniment of celery sticks
What is added to the tortilla soup by the server?
Cheddar cheese and tortilla chips
When is bread served?
With the drinks
Describe the Ranch Style Beans
Pinto beans cooked BBQ-style with sauteed onion and bacon until sweet, smokey and spicy
How do the Carolina Honeys wings come?
8 wings are served with ranch dressing and accompanied by carrot sticks.
What toppings are offered with the Baked Potato
Butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, green onion
What is added to the Chicken Tortilla Soup by the server?
Chedder cheese and tortilla chips
How does the artichoke dip come?
8oz. of dip served with sauces of picante and sour cream, accompanied by tortilla chips
What salad dressings are offered with the Roma's house salad?
1.Ranch 6.Italian
2.Bleu Cheese 7.caesar
3.Honey Must. 8.oriental
4.1,00 Isl.
5.FF Honey Dijon
Is fresh ground pepper offered with all salads?
What is the difference between "works" and "loaded"
Works: Butter, sour cream, green onion

Loaded: Butter, sour cream, green onion, bacon bits, chedder
Describe the coleslaw.
Creamy, crunchy and sweet
List all 10 side dishes:
1.Conr-cob 6.Fries
2.Corn-fritt 7.cottage cheese
3.Beans 8.fruit
4.Coleslaw 9.rice
5.Baked. Pot 10.grilled veggies
What are the ingredients in a Santa Fe Salad?
Lettuce Mix, chedder cheese, bacon bits, 2 tomatoes, and crispy chicken in a tortilla shell-bowl
What are the ingredients in a California Chicken Salad?
Lettuce Mix, parmesean cheese, bacon bits, tomato, grilled chicken breast, and portabello mushroom
What are the ingredients in a Caesar Romaine Salad?
Romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, parmesean cheese, croutons, grilled chicken breast
Describe the roasted vegetables:
mix of yellow squash, zucchini, red bell pepper all marinated in italian dressing and grilled until tender
How is dressing on the side for an entree salad served? How is it served for a house salad?
Entree: 2 ladles into a monkey cup, on a bev nap then on a 6" plate.

House: In a souflee cup, placed next to the tomato
Describe the corn fritter casserole?
A moist flavorful blend of corn, green bell peppers, onion & cornmeal that is lighter thatn cornbread but heartier that souflee
What is in the Roma's Triple Play sampler?
4 Red Hot's wings
4 Potato wedges
4 Lotza Mozza Sticks
*Also served with ranch, sour cream, and marinara