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Endo glands

Pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, gonads


Exo glands

Sweat, oil, mucous cells, salvary, mammory and liver


What is the only type of holocrine gland

The sebaceous gland

Mammory glands are a type of what gland

Merocrine gland

One main type of connective tissue is CT proper. Its six sub classes are?

Areolar, dense reg and irreg, reticular, adipose and elastic

The remaining types are, cartilage, bone and fluid

High regeneration tissues

Dense irreg ct, bone, blood/lymph, epithelium, loose ct

Moderate regeneration tissue

Smooth muscle, dense reg ct

Weak regeneration tissue

Skeletal muscle, cartilage

Little or no regeneration

Cardiac muscle abd nervous tissue

The serous membrane that covers the stomach

Visceral peritoneum

During which stage of tissue repair is granulation tissue firmed?


The papillary layer of the dermis produces?

The ridges that make fingerprints

Main cells of epidermis


Arise from bone marrow

Langerhans cells

Continously undergo mistosis


Found in the epi only occasionally

Merkel cells

Also called dendritic cells

Langerhans cells

Produce melanin


Also called tactile cells

Merkel cells

Inportant immune functions

Langerhan cells