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Velleius Paterculus 2.126:
"the magistrates have regained their authority, the senate its majesty…", goes on to describe the era of prosperity that his coming has heralded"
Tacitus Annals 4.34-5
Cremetus Cordus accused of "praise Marcus Brutus and called Gaius Cassius the last of the Romans" Cordus says this was done under aug "what is ignored dies away". leaves and starves himself to death, the senate tried to burn the books but they survived and were re-published. For emperors = "shame for themselves and glory for their opponents"

• Example of an emperor getting it wrong Source crit, Tacitus is defending Cordus

Tacitus 1.11
• Tiberius states how he could not possibly take on the role of Augustus alone, and that "in a state supported by so many distinguished men they should not refer every matter to one individual"

• The senators "whose sole fear was that they should seem to understand" protest and insist that he should take up the mantle of Emperor

Tacitus 1.12
• Tiberius states that he would take on "whatever part was entrusted to him as his responsibility"

• Asinius Gallus asks which section of the state he would like, stuns and angers Tiberius

• Asinius backs off, saying that he only did this so that Tiberius would see he could not divide up the responsibilities, he tries to flatter him

• He had married Vipsania, "who had once been Tiberius' wife"

Tacitus 1.13
• Lucius Arruntius causes similar offense, Tiberius feels threatened by him as Augustus said Arrunitus "was not unworthy and would have the daring, if the chance were given him" • Tiberius says Gnaeus Piso Gallus, and Arrunitius all fell into "various accusations of Tiberius' design"

• Quintus Haterius and Mamercus Scaurus both incur Tiberius' anger, Scarus says Tib hadn't "vetoed the motion of the consuls by virtue of his tribunician power".

Eventually "exhausted by the uproar from everyone and by the protests of individuals he gradually relented"