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Civil War from AD 193

After the death of Commodus

Pertinax Emperor for 86 days

Septimius Severus kills Didius Julianus


Historia Augusta

Cassius Dio


Septimius Severus

Military man

Ordered execution of many senators

Disbanded the Praetorian Guard

Increased annual wage of soldiers

Military dictatorship

Rebuilt many parts of Hadrian's Wall

Outlaws conversion to Christianity on pain of death

Julia Domna

Wife of Septimius Severus

Mother of Geta and Caracalla (Severus' sons too)

Gathered literary luminaries


Supporter of Second Sophistic

Caracalla and Geta

Joint rule

Caracalla had Geta assassinated - aimed to erase him from history

Caracalla used extreme violence

Slaughtered 20,000 people at Alexandria

Assassinated by his soldiers


Aged 15 when Emperor

True power lay with his mother, grandmother and aunt

Family turn against him and favour his cousin Alexander


Aged 14

Prosperous reign

Made a Saint to make Elagabulus seem even worse

Received a triumph for wars in the East

Killed by soldiers

Third Century Crisis

AD 235 - 284

30 Emperors in 50 years

Internal Civil War

Economic collapse

Sections of the Empire break away


Emperor in AD 284

Shared power with Maximian

Then splits into tetrarchy