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who explored child development as a function of trust
Erik Erikson
who explored child development as a function of Cognitive awareness
who explored child development as a function of needs heirarchy
who explored child development as a function of defense mechanisms
What is denial
a way of blocking external events from our awareness, to reduce negative impulses, anxiety,anger
What is the problem with denial as a coping mechanism
stops recovery, unconcious act
denial keeps you suffering dependence
what is the problem faced when admitting a problem
pain, it is necessary to recovery, but not perpetual like suffering
what is repression
a form of denial. "motivated forgetting"
what is regression
when a client goes back to an earlier stage to reduce the stress
what is a technique to handle regression
"count the cost"
what is projection
when a person projects what unacceptable attitudes/urgers they see in themselves onto someone else.
what is reaction formation
believing the opposite of something. "an abused child, goes to the abusing parent"
what is rationalization
ex " a father who hits his child, because he feels the child will benefit from the beating" "less intensive way to learn"
according to piaget. what are the 4 basic levels of assimilation/accomodation we go through by age 12
sensory-motor-birth-2yrs "taken care of"
pre-operational-2-6 , "magical thinking"
concrete operational- 7-11yrs
formal operational 12yrs on
what is egocentrism
only 1 perspective is reight for all events, despite contrary evidence.
what is assimilation
when you take new information and place it into existing categories. ie, child sees and associates that a dog has 4 legs, then when he sees another 4 legged animal he calls it a dog as well
what is accomodation
when a person develops a new category to handle new information. ie, cars diff than trucks
chronic relapsers commonly use assimilation or accomodation as an excuse to relapse
assimilation, because they already have a foundation.
give three examples of "projection" or outward displacement
1. magical thinking--all sorts of irrational reasons for why things happen
2. Paranoid-"i know they are out to get me"
3.centration- inability to break a problem into its component parts "can only talk about one thing' "all eggs in one basket"
give 2 examples of "tunnel vision"
1. fixation-occurs by choice-"i don't feel like growing anymore, this far serves my needs"

2. Arrest-not by choice- traumatized, something happens to you that stops you from moving forward
what is an example of concrete thinking
when a person is willing to look at new ways. they can listen to new ideas
what percentage of the substance abuse population operates at the concrete level?
20% or less
what is formal operational thinking
"self reflection", using logical evidence to support abstract thinking
what are the two techniques of formal operational thinking
1. inductive-"a to z" tell me the steps. The goal is to overwhelming

2. Z to a --"show me the goal" I;ll figure out the steps
what is Maslows 5 step heirarchy of needs
safety needs
love needs
self actualization
what are examples of biological needs
family support,sleep, eating reular,heat etc..
safety needs
domestic violence,running from someone,blackout drinker, overdose,sexual exposure
love needs
family relationships, displays of affection
esteem needs
independence, confidence,acceptance of their feelings,
sense of belonging
profound self awareness, objective about their judgement,problem-solvers,connectedness,creative,inventive solutions
what are the 8 psycho-social stages of TRUST, according to erikson
2. autonomy/shame--2-3yr
5. ego-identity/role confusion 12-18yr
6. intimacy/isolation- 20's
7. generativity/self absorption--20-50yrs
8. integrity/despair --50's -
what "trust" stage is the drug abuser commonly stuck in?
stages of industry/inferiority
stages of ego-identity / role confusion