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What is the oldest form of theatre?
Sanskrit Drama
Asian Theatre uses what two things instead of SPEECH for storytelling?
Music and Dance
What quote best describes Asian theatre?
"Truth is that which does not change."
Asian Theatre rejects depicting what on stage?
Physical reality
Asian theatre has _________________ many Western theatre artists.
What are the three main characteristics of BUNRAKU?
1. Puppet theatre based on the NOH.
2. Influenced by ZEN.
3. Puppet operators are visible to the audience.
Bunraku features what two things to tell the story?
Chanters and musicians
What is the main characteristic of Kabuki?
They will try to do anything to create an emotional response.
What is the first step that directors, designers and actors take?
Read the script
Designers are most influenced by what?
The directoral concept of the play.
Scene designs strongly communicate what?
Time and place
Costume designs strongly communicate what?
Characters social status
Lighting stongly communicates what?
What is the function of Costume design?
To symbolically identify characters and groups
What is Costume design based on?
Careful research and character interpretation
What is the chief responsibility of LIGHTING?
What was the first form of lighting?
The sun
Fresnel lights create what?
A soft edge of light
Ellipsoidal lights create what?
A sharp edge of light
What must lighting designers closely coordinate with other designers?
What is a MOTIVATED sound?
a sound that is called for in the script to fulfill the actions of the play.
What is an ENVIROMENTAL sound?
a sound that helps to create atmosphere or verisimilitude
What is an actors effectiveness measured by?
Acting is based on what?
Verbs that involve the other character in the scene.
eg. "to impress"
The process of creating theatre is centered on what two things?
1. Identifying the problems raised in the script
2. Making choices that solve those problems
The general goal of theatre is what?
To communicate the truth
What outside force plays a vital role in each performance?
The audience