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What did Rose do about the eggs?
She took the wrong ones.
What happened to Rose and her mother at the end of the story?
They searched for the old woman's cabin, but never found it.
What did Rosge get to eat that night?
What did Blanche's mother do when she heard about the old woamn and the eggs?
Whe sent Rose to look for them.
What happened after Blance and the old woman ate supper?
They saw rabbits in clothes, the rabbits played a banjo,sang, and danced.
What happened to Blanche at the end of the story?
She went off to the city and lived like a grand lady
What kind of house did theold woman have?
an old "tumbledown" shack
What happened to the eggs Blanche threw?
Wonderful things spilled out of them. (dresses, gold and silver coins, horse, carriage and jewels)
What did the old woman say to Blanche when she found Blanche crying?
That she could come home with her
What did the old woman ask Blanche do do in the house?
Light the fire and cook supper
Who did Blanche see in the woods?
The old woman
Why did Blance Run away?
Her mother and sister hit her and scolded her.
Who are the villians of "The Talking Eggs"?
Rose and her mother
Who is the heroine of "The Talking Eggs"?
What did Rose and her mother do while Blanche did alll of the work?
They sat on the porch talking about moving to the city, going to balls, and wearing jewels.
What did Blance have to do for her mother and sister?
All of the chores
What was magic about the supper the old woman had Blanche make?
A poor bone mad a thick stes; one grain of rice became enough for two people.
What did the old woman make Blanche promise
That she wouldn't laugh at anything
What was in the eggs Rose took?
Whip snakes, toads, frogs, yellow jackets, and a big gray wolf
What funny animals did Blanche see at the old woman's house?
A cow with two heads and corkscrew horns, chickens of all colors.
What did the old woman tell Blanche to do with the eggs?
To throw them over her shoulder on her way home.
What did the old woman tell Blanche about the eggs?
To take only those that said, "take me"
What did the old woman ask Blanche to do the morning after she stayed with the old woman?
To milk the cow
Did Blancehe laugh when she was at the old woman's house?
Did Rose have the same magic as Blanche?
When the old woman made her promise not to laugh, what did Rose do?
She said she would not laugh
Did Rose keep her promise to theold woman?