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Who was Calypso?
beautiful sea nymph, who kept Odysseus on her island for seven years.
What was Phaeacia?
an island kingdom inhabited by seafarers adn traders.
Who was Helios?
In early Greek mythology, the sun god.
Who was Antinous?
an Ithacan noble, most arrogant of the suitors.
Who was Laestrygonians?
race of man-eating giants.
Who was Poseidon?
Greek god of the sea
Who were Sirens?
sea nymphs who lured sailors to destructions with their songs.
What were the Cyclops?
a race of one-eyed giants. The Cyclopes were said to have lived as shepherds on the island of Sicily.
Who was Polyphemus?
a Cyclops, son of Poseidon.
Who was Telemachus?
son of Odysseus and Penelope.
Who was Laertes?
Odysseus' father.
Who was Charybdis?
A whirlpool in the Straits of Messina, personified as a female monster.
Who was Apollo?
in Greek Mythology, god of poetry, music, and prophecy.
What was Scylla?
a dangerous rock in the Straits of Messina, personified as a female monster with six heads who devoured passing sailors.
Who were the Achaeans?
Greeks; specifically, the people of Achaea in northeastern Greece.
Who was Circe?
a beautiful witch-goddess who transformed Odysseus' men into beasts.
What were the Cicones?
a people living on the southwestern coast of Thrace, who were attacked by Odysseus' men on their way home from Troy.
What was Aeaea?
island home of Circe, the enchantress.
Who was Athena?
Greek goddess of wisdom, crafts, and war; also called Pallas Athena.
Who was Odysseus?
king of Ithaca and hero of the Odyssey.
What was Ithaca?
Odysseus' home, an idland off the western coast of Greece.
Who was Alcinous?
King of Phaeacia.
Who was Eurycleia?
Penelope's servant and Odysseus' old nurse.
Who was Eurynome?
Penelope's housekeeper.
Who was Eurymachus?
one of Penelope's suitor's, in Ithacan noble.
Who was Cronus?
in Greek mythology, a Titan and ruler of the universe until he was overthrown by his son, Zeus.
Who was Eumaeus?
a swineherd, an old and loyal servant to Odysseus.
Who was Agamemnon?
commander of the Greeks during the Trojan War.
What was Argo?
the ship manned by Jason and his crew of Greek heroes on their quest for the Golden Fleece.
Who was Penelope?
Odysseus' wife