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A unit of soldiers mounted on horses

Cyrus the Great

king of the Persians and Medes who won independence for the persians and conquered the Medes; Founder of the Persian Empire

Darius I

ruler of the Persian empire who called himself the king of kings; restored order to the empire and built a new capital called Persepolis

Persian Wars

A series of wars between Persia and Greece beginning in 490 BC

Xerxes I

Persian ruler who was defeated in his attempt to conquer Greece in 480 BC


An agreement to work together

Peloponnesian War

A war between Athens and Sparta in the 400s BC

Philip II

king of Maedonia from 359 to 336 BC who conquered Greece


A group of warriors who stood close together in a square

Alexander the Great

King of Macedonia who built the largest empire the world had ever seen


Greek-like; Heavily influenced by greek ideas


Greek teacher and thinker who wanted to make people think and question their beliefs; accused of questioning the authority of the gods and condemned to death


Teacher and philosopher who believed in an ideal society based on justice and fairness to everyone that would be run by philosophers


Greek thinker who taught that people should live lives of moderation and balance


Clear and ordered thinking


Greek scientist interested in the study of Geometry


Great Greek doctor who is known for his ideas on how doctors should behave