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What kind of representation did the New Jersey plan call for?
Equal Representation
In the Great Compromise, which house of the legislature is represented by equal representation?
The Senate (2 reps per state, no matter what the size)
The Virginia Plan had a two house legislature. What is this called?
A bicameral legistlature.
What kind of representation did the Virginia Plan call for?
Proportional representation
Who wrote the Virginia plan?
Edmund Randolf and James Madison.
Who wrote the New Jersey Plan?
William Patterson
What does proportional representation mean?
The more people you have, the more representatives you get.
What was the conflict between the large and small states in the Constitutional Convention about?
How to determine representation for Congress.
Why were the small states in favor of the New Jersey Plan?
The small states were in favor of the New Jersey plan because every state would have an equal say.
What is a compromise?
A compromise occurs when two sides disagree, but each side gives in a little in order to reach a solution which both sides can agree to.
What is another name for the Great Compromise?
The Connecticut Plan.
What was the Great Compromise?
It was a compromise between the Virginia and New Jersey plan. It allowed representation to be determined by both proportional representation and equal representation.
Which plan were the large states in favor of?
The Virginia Plan.
Who wrote the Great Compromise?
Roger Sherman
In the Great Compromise, which house of the legislature is determined by proportional representation (by population)?
The House of Representatives
What was the meaning of the 3/5 compromise?
Out of every five slaves, three were counted when determining representation.
What was the name of the compromise reached between the north and the south over how to count slaves for representation?
The 3/5 compromise.
What was the conflict between the north and the south over representation?
The south wanted to count slaves as people when counting the people in a state and determining representation and the north did not want to count the slaves.