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who is Barnabas?
Paul's missionary on the 1st journey and was known for his great zeal
who is St.Basil?
wrote for religious communities in near East
who is Dorothy Kazel?
sister who died in 1980 while coming back from a missionary in El Salvador
who is John Mark?
cousion of Barnabas who went along on the 1st part of the missionary journey. Later helped Paul and Peter. A Gospel is attributed to him.
who was Nestorius?
heresy who believed Jesus was 2 people
who is Gamiel?
pharisee who persuaded others not to kill John and Peter
Who is Paul? And what are the two other names he's called?
he traveled to the major cities of the world. He's also known as the "Apostle of the Gentiles" and Saul of Tarus
who is Stephen?
one of the 1st martyrs and deacons
who is St.Pachomius?
wrote rule of life for monks and nuns in Egypt
what did Diocletian plan on doing?
removing every trace of Christianity from world
who is Perpetula?
a girl who wouldn't convert her faith and was killed for it.
who is Nero?
emperor who blamed Christians for fires, floods, and famine. Peter and Paul were martyred under him.
Who is Cyprian?
a bishop killed in front of his people for following Christ
who is Ignatius?
bishop who wrote to strengthen Christian communities
Who is Peter?
Apostle chosen by Jesus to lead and represent the Catholic Church