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Who was the founder of buddhism

Siddhartha gutama

Clan of Siddhartha's

The shakyas

The story of Siddhartha's was passed from mouth to mouth for how long

600 years

what were they a reminder of

of his teachings and kindness

what did the wise man Asita predict

he predicted that Siddhartha would leave his life of luxury for a religious life and become a great religious leader

Where was the Buddha brought up


Who did he marry

Yasodhara a local princess

did they have a son

yeas, Rahula

What did Siddhartha's dad stop him from seeing

he stopped Siddhartha from seeing suffering and death in case it lead him astray from becoming a king

What did Siddhartha's dad do as an extra precaution

he made sure that Siddhartha had every luxury so he didn't need or want anything and to stop him becoming interested in religion