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How are fold mountains forms

When 2 plates collide

Sediments collect in large depressions

Sedimentry rocks squeezed upwards by plate movement

How long ago did the alps form

35 million years ago

What countries do they stretch across

Frace italy Switzerland and austria

Because the alps countries are MEDCs what do they have the money and technology to cope with?

Transport problems ( eg road and rail tunnels, cable cars ect. )

What are the tourist physical attractions

Snow, mountain scenery and lakes

In winter what are the tourist attractions

Snow and steep slopes allow for skiing and snow boarding

High level benches for hotels restaurants and ski-lifts

What are the tourist attractions in the summer?

Lakes and mountains for walking and provide beautiful scenery

What allows farming to happen

South facing slopes are sunny and warm

What happens with dairy farming in the summer?

Cattle taken to high alp to graze and fodder crops grown in the valley (flat, deeper soil, warmer)

What happens with cattle farming in the winter

Cattle return to valley floor to cattle sheds (Trans humance)

What are the changes to farming

Cable cars are used to bring milk down from high alp to dairies

Farmers buy extra feed so cattle can stay on floor all year round

Why is the alps an ideal place for HEP (6)

Steep slopes, high precipitation, fast flowing rivers, summer melt and narrow valley

What are HEP uses

Cheap source of energy

Exported to other areas

Used by industries on valley floor eg sawmills, fertiliser manufacturer and electrochemicals

Where are the forestry

Trees on north facing slopes

Sawmills on valley floor near rivers

What are the uses of forestry (3)

Winter fuel

Building material

Pulp and paper

Name the types of transport up and through


Cog railways

Chair lifts

Cable cars


Road tunnels eg mt blanc

Electrified railway likes from valley to cities eg brenner